The Clockwork Course: Discover How To Manage Your Time Effectively And ‘Create’ More Hours In A Day Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:

Time Management Basics

Chapter 2:
Make A Time Log To Figure Out Daily Time Wasters

Chapter 3:
Clarify Your Objectives

Chapter 4:
Learn To Stay Focused

Chapter 5:
Make A Daily To-Do List

Chapter 6:
Set Time Limits For Every Task

Chapter 7:
Combine Tasks

Chapter 8:
Make Sure To Completely Finish Tasks

Chapter 9:
Use Positive Self Talk To Defeat Procrastination

Chapter 10:
The Detriments Of Daily Time Wasters

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

Time Management Basics


Time management can be applied using the aid of many different and helpful tools. There are skill that can be applied, tools that can assist in keeping and reminding of the time set and also techniques that can be utilized to optimize time management functions.

Time management can be advantageous when used in the context of planning, allocating, goal setting, execution of project time lines, analysis, monitoring, organizing, and many other possibilities.


Almost every facet of an individual’s life requires the advantageous discipline of having good time management regiments. Learning to time manages well keep the stress level low and the mind at ease.

Some of the simpler and commonly used time management tolls are clocks, watches, calendars, appointment books, visual charts, and notifications. The more modern tolls would include PDAs, hand phone alerts, computers, and personal alert gadgets and so on.

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