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Table Of Contents

Introduction—————— 3
The Champion’s Mindset—————— 4
The Trait of Persistence—————— 5
Persistence Exercises——————— 6
The Trait of Fearlessness—————- 9
Fearlessness Exercises ———————-10
The Trait of Thinking Before You Speak——————— 12
Thinking Before You Speak Exercises————————- 13
The Trait of Sincerity—————- 15
Sincerity Exercises———————– 16
The Trait of Having a Positive Attitude————– 18
Positive Attitude Exercises—————- 19
The Trait of Showing Integrity—————- 22
Integrity Exercises—————- 24
The Trait of Helpfulness———– 26
Helpfulness Exercises————— 28
The Trait of Ambition—————– 29
Ambition Exercises————- 30
The Trait of Taking Responsibility—————— 32
Responsibility Exercises———— 33
The Trait of Being Compassionate———– 35
Compassion Exercises—————– 36
Resources————– 39
10 Websites about “Champion Mindset”————— 39
Conclusion———— 41

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Do you want to be known as someone with a “champion’s” personality, a person that is always successful no matter what?

Who doesn’t want to be seen as such a person?

In order to have that ‘champion’s mindset’ there are several areas which you need to work on and develop. These steps can also be identified as personality traits. These personality traits apply to anyone regardless of their end goal.

Whether you are a business person, student, employer or employee, you need to learn how to communicate and interact with others in order to achieve your goals.

For example, when your winning personality comes through during a job interview, you will be more likely to be hired than someone who does not appear to be eager and willing.

One easy thing to do is to remember to smile. Immediately this puts people at ease and places you in a favorable light, one of being approachable and friendly. Anyone can learn to develop a winning personality and the aim of this eBook is to highlight 10 traits that will allow you to do exactly this. Work on one trait at a time before proceeding to the next.

To highlight each trait we have researched several quotes which you can easily write down and use each day yourself. In addition we have included a brief overview of at least one successful person with this trait.

Thank you for downloading this eBook and I hope that you gain lots of insights that will help you improve your personality so that you too will be seen as a champion!

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