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Hi, my name is Andy LaPointe of Money Smart Teens.com. Thank you for taking your time to read this special report where I will show you some of the tips and tricks I have used over my 14 years as a financial and investment advisor to teach teens about money. Teaching teens about money is one of the most important lessons we can pass along to the next generation.

Unfortunately as most teens grow into adulthood they constantly struggle to fully understand the aspects of the many personal finance strategies available. The strategies required to understand include the proper use of credit card debt, how to manage mortgage debt, how to create a monthly budget and more. This report was written to give you the tips, tricks and techniques to teach your teens successful personal finance strategies they can use their entire life. In other words, by teaching them how to become Money Smart Teens they will grow into successful adults.

This doesn’t mean they’ll be able to manage a Fortune 500 company at age 21 or turn a $1,000 college fund into $50,000 in a single year by investing in the stock market, but they will better understand time-proven and successful money management strategies and techniques. When teaching teens about money, it’s important to remember that your teens are still young, both in their view of the world as a whole and their understanding of the concepts of money. Remember, they are still teenagers and they may not fully grasp the concepts or the importance of the information you will be teaching them. It may take several attempts by you teaching them or by them reading this special report before they begin to grasp the concept of money.

Since they know and trust you they’ll be more likely to be open to learning these concepts and once they do they will have a concrete foundation for the rest of their lives. Also, by teaching them these strategies, you are opening up an entire new world for them and may even be helping them on their path to their destiny in life.

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