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Table Of Contents

Introduction -Page 3
Step 1 – Get Into A Giveaway Event- Page 4
Step 2 – Creating The Products- Page 9
Step 3 – The December Campaign- Page 13
JV Giveway Pitfalls To Avoid- Page 18
Pre-Building Your List -Page 20
Some Final Words -Page 23

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Back in the days before I got lazy and retired, I used to come up with the greatest ideas for making cash. These days, I spend most of my time trying to think of killer Magic The Gathering® decks so I can kick my friends’ butts on Friday night.

But make no mistake about it, this money making machine, when he’s not being a lazy SOB, can come up with some killer money making ideas when he wants to. This report is just an example of my ingenious plans.

However, in order to make this easy enough for anybody to duplicate, I’ve modified some of it so that there is LESS work and MORE profit for YOU.

That’s right. Follow this gem of a blueprint and you will do even better than my $16,277.02 month because I had to put a heck of a lot more work into it than I should have HAD I known about these little shortcuts.

Trust me…after you are done reading this report, you are going to kick yourself big time for not thinking of this yourself.

So enough of the chit chat. Let’s get right down to this brilliant system. If I have to say so myself.

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