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While offline events have the power to generate more sales, hosting online events can deliver a lot of benefits. This is especially true following the coronavirus pandemic which forced us to socially distance and cancel events.

With an online Facebook event, attendees simply need to tune into your channel on the day of the event. You’ll typically host it via Facebook Live, allowing you to quickly connect to your audience. One of the benefits of live online events is that they save onto your business page. This means anybody who missed the event can still catch it while you keep it on your channel.

With offline events, you’ll simply be using the tool to advertise rather than host it. However, you could also live stream the event for anybody who wasn’t able to attend in person.

So, choose whether you want to host an online or an offline event and then think about the pricing. If the event is going to give your audience a lot of value, selling tickets can help you to make a good little profit. Another thing to consider is that selling tickets gives the event a more exclusive feel. This can drive up sales, resulting in a larger number of attendees.

On the other hand, offering free tickets can also greatly boost attendance. The trouble is, you’ll generally experience fewer conversions from free events so this is something to consider.

The best practices and strategies you can follow

If you want your Facebook event to be successful, there are a number of practices and strategies you can follow. These include:

• Optimize the event
• Provide regular updates
• Consider adding an incentive
• Promote on other social media channels
• Create event hashtags
• Engage with influencers

The first strategy that’s going to increase results is optimizing your event. This is going to guarantee maximum visibility. It basically involves using keywords in the event description that will help people find it. Facebook will automatically suggest keywords but doing keyword research will greatly enhance its optimization.

You’ll also want to ensure you provide regular updates to your attendees. Use your business page to advertise the event and provide taster content to get them excited. Provide updates on both the event page and your business page. As your audience engages on your event page, it will help it to show up in newsfeeds of their friends and family. This gives you the potential to reach a much wider audience.

Consider adding an incentive too. For example, every person who attends the event will receive something for free. It could be a free gift, or a discount off your products and services. Giving them an incentive is going to help significantly boost attendance and interest.

While you’ll want to advertise the event as much as possible on Facebook, it’s important to market it elsewhere too. Don’t forget about other social media platforms. Spread the word about your event on Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube.

This will help you to capture a much wider audience, greatly boosting interest in your event.

A small strategy that’s going to deliver big results, is creating social media hashtags for the event. This can help to get your event trending on social media. Use the hashtag whenever you post something about the event. The more it trends, the more people you will reach.

Finally, engaging with influencers is another effective strategy you can utilize. People trust social media influencers and they often have large followings. By partnering with an influencer in the same niche, you can use them to market your event to their followers. You could even feature them in the event, greatly enhancing its exposure.

These are some of the best strategies you can use to boost the effectiveness of your event. So, now you know the things you should be doing, what about the things to avoid?

Top mistakes to avoid when using Facebook events

As effective as Facebook events can be, there are a lot of mistakes you can make which will impact its success. So, what are these mistakes and how can you avoid making them?

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