The Big Book Of Personal Affirmations And Mantras Plr Ebook

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Table Of Contents


Section 1 Affirmations

Chapter 1: Motivation and Positive Thinking

Chapter 2: Healthy Living and Weight Loss

Chapter 3: Millionaire Mindset and Financial Freedom

Chapter 4: Inner Peace

Chapter 6: Internet Marketing Affirmations

Chapter 7: Love and Relationship Affirmations

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Chapter 3:
Millionaire Mindset and Financial freedom
• I am successful in everything I do
• I am joyfully receiving wealth and abundance in my life.
• I am moving towards money.
• I am creating money in my life
• It is great to have money!
• If you like to read the full article, click here: I am ready for abundance
• I am a rich person
• I love the energy of money
• Money enhances my positive power
• I love life
• I am a loving person
• I am successful and I love it
• My life is a success-story
• I am a beautiful, loveable human being
• I am successful in everything I do
• I am willing and daring to go all the way
• I will reach my goals, joyfully and easily.
• I am always reaching my goals in one way or another
• I am joyfully receiving wealth and abundance in my life
• I am moving towards money
• I am creating money in my life
• It is great to have money!
• I love my self.
• I love all beings on this planet
• I am so happy to be alive.
• I am creating riches to share with the whole world, because it is my joy to share
• Every day and in every way I am getting better and better
• Little by little, I am learning more about money, smart planning and investing.
• Just because I might have debt, does not make me a bad person.
• No matter how much money I have, I am making positive choices about what I do with it.
• I am learning to take more intelligent risks. I’m confident that sensible risk taking will help me build my financial future.
• I am choosing to make the time to take charge of my money.
• It’s not a bit selfish to take good care of myself financially. It’s self-respecting and self-caring, and ultimately makes my relationship with others richer and more satisfying.
• My loved ones enjoy, respect, and appreciate my financial knowledge, power, and success.
• I enjoy earning.
• I deserve to be wealthy.
• My job/business is one of the pipelines through which I tap the infinite wealth of the universe for my own desires.
• My personal connection to Infinite Being and Infinite Intelligence is enough to yield a huge personal fortune.
• People enjoy paying me for what I enjoy doing the most.
• Life always holds out as much goodness as I am willing to accept.
• I am enjoying creating value for the people that give me money.
• I have the right to give myself permission to become wealthy or do anything that I want.
• Each year, my money increases faster than I spend it.
• It takes less effort to be wealthy than it does to keep out the universal supply.
• Life rewards me with abundance.
• I deserve to be wealthy, rich, prosperous and affluent.
• I enjoy expressing my abundance.
• I spend money wisely.
• I always have more money than I need.
• I bless all my bills with love.
• I pay all my bills on time easily.
• I enjoy spending.
• Every dollar I spend comes back multiplied.
• The more willing I am to enrich others, the more willing others are to enrich me.
• I now have a positive personal cash flow.
• Saving
• I am worthy of having money in the bank.
• I am financially independent and solvent.
• I enjoy saving.
• A part of all that I earn is mine to keep.
• Investing
• I enjoy investing.
• I find investing to be relaxing, easy and safe.
• My income increases every day whether I am working, sleeping or playing.
• All my investments are profitable.
• I don’t have to work to get money.
• Part of all my profits goes into permanent wealth creation, capital and reserves.
• People love to give me money!
• I am rich and wonderful.
• I am now earning a great big income doing what satisfies me.
• Something wonderful is happening to me today-I can feel it!
• All my bills are paid up in full and I still have all this money.
• My affirmations work for me, whether I believe they will or not. (This is for the skeptics among you.)
• A lot more money is coming into my life. I deserve it and will use it for my good and others.
• All my clients praise me and pay me!
• I am a money magnet!
• Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, waking and sleeping.
• I am now highly pleasing to myself in other people’s presence.
• I walk, talk, look, act, think and am rich!
• I am a winner-I win often, and I win big!
• I now receive large sums of money, just for being me!
• My income is constantly increasing.
• I am a money magnet.
• Abundance surrounds me.
• I release all feelings of lack and limitation and gratefully accept blessings of joy and abundance.
• I am open to receiving the abundance of the Universe
• I choose abundance of all that is good
• I choose to be positively abundant in all areas of my life
• I recognize and embrace my ability to manifest my desires
• The universe naturally and freely provides for all my needs including those of my children
• I expect and welcome good fortune abundantly at every moment of my life
• I HAVE unlimited abundance
• Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
• My prosperity is unlimited
• I expect and embrace abundance every day
• My income is growing higher and higher now
• I am passionate about building wealth
• I deserve and welcome financial abundance in my life now
• I create abundant wealth easily and effortlessly
• God provides me with more than enough abundance in my life
• I AM easily accepting abundance in my life now
• I am financially secure
• I am healthy and wealthy
• I allow myself to prosper abundantly
• I trust that I am creating abundance
• I open myself to receive the abundance of The Universe
• I am open to abundance
• I am saving more money every day
• I am prosperous, health and wealthy
• I have a financially stable future for myself and my family
• I value my money
• I deserve to be abundantly prosperous
• I am worthy of and open to receiving abundance
• I am the source of my abundance
• I am a powerful money magnet
• I am receiving $xxx of unexpected income
• I love money
• I am abundantly wealthy now
• Money comes to me effortlessly and abundantly

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