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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Basics of Motivation
Chapter 2: How to Focus on One Goal at a Time?
Chapter 3: How to Find Inspiration?
Chapter 4: Getting Excited to Crush Your Goals
Chapter 5: How to Build Anticipation?
Chapter 6: Make Your Commitments Publicly
Chapter 7: Find Support
Chapter 8: Be Nice to Yourself
Chapter 9: Stick With Your Goals
Chapter 10: Advantages of Being Motivated

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Chapter 3: How to Find Inspiration?


Motivation and Inspiration have a similar purpose. These things can provide a person with a special reason to pursue a very special goal without hesitating. Such things can totally change the mood and daily living of an individual in a very positive way. In inspiration can be used by a person to motivate oneself in the middle of a very difficult challenge. It is something that will really inspire a person to continue a long journey even if there are several trials and obstacles that are waiting. To inspire someone is like an act of motivating someone to become stronger and more confident.

An inspiration is not so easy to find. Basically, it can be represented by an individual or an object which plays a very special role in the life of a person. It can be represented by a family member, a special someone or a pet. It is something that can encourage a person not to give up in the middle of a very difficult challenge. Many people in this world have successfully reached their goals in life with the help of their own inspirations who served as their own motivations. And their inspirations motivated them in the middle of all the trials in their lives.

Motivation is embodied by an Inspiration

There are so many ways to find an inspiration in the middle of the trials in life. Such thing will help a person to continue a long journey even if all of the things seem to be very complicated. It can be conducted in a workplace, home, or even in public places where several people are always present to lend a helping hand. One of the best ways to find this inspiring thing is to talk to the old folks who can share helpful advises in times of trouble and serious problems in life. The old individuals in this world might be the weakest and most vulnerable people who are very susceptible to illnesses and wounds. But these individuals have comprehensive knowledge and experience in life that can teach a young person to aim for a better life.

The old individuals who have successfully lived their lives to the fullest can be considered by the other people as their inspirations in their lives. Aside from the old individuals, a person can also find inspiration in a special someone. A special someone might be a girlfriend or a boyfriend who is willing to show great affection, love and support to a certain person while facing from several kinds of trials in life. This individual can be treated also by a person as an inspiration when all of the things in life start to get complicated.

Chapter 4: Getting Excited to Crush Your Goals


It is possible to provide excitement in an activity or task if a motivation is present in the mind of the person who will perform it. A motivation can help a person to get excited everyday while aiming for something. At this stage, motivation can be represented by a very interesting activity or a very special reward. An individual may use the concept of motivation while aiming to achieve the presence of excitement in an upcoming event. There are so many ways to achieve such action. And as much as possible, the things that are new to the eyes of a person or a group of people must be maintained in a certain place or event while aiming to provide excitement.

In this chapter, the relationship between motivation and excitement will be discussed together with all the facts that are connecting these two different things from each other. The readers will be able to understand in this chapter if a person will be able to achieve real excitement in an activity which does not have a reward or an inspiration for the participants. Just read the whole chapter and find out what makes motivation special in the process of providing excitement in an activity.

The Relationship between Motivation and Excitement

Motivation and excitement are inseparable. It will be impossible for a person to make a simple activity more enjoyable and exciting if motivational activities are present in its flow. Like for example is in a classroom setting. In a classroom, a teacher and a group of students are present. An ordinary discussion activity in such place might encourage the learners to play and do not participate in their lessons. What’s the good solution for this issue that the teachers must use to provide excitement on their teaching strategies and discussions? Of course, the answer to that question is motivation. A teacher must be able to provide motivational activities in every stage of a classroom activity or discussion to make it more interesting for the learners.

A simple puzzle game or a trivia can be considered already by the teachers as a form of motivation that can help the learners to get excited in all of their lessons while participating in all of the activities that were provided to them. Motivation has a strong impact to the mood of every person in this world. It can make all the situations and activities more interesting for several hours especially when properly integrated. Everyone in this world will surely agree to the fact that motivation can never be separated from the concept of excitement since the different kinds of enjoyable activities and rewards that it can provide to a person have wonderful effects.

Chapter 5: How to Build Anticipation?


After a very special yesterday is a more fantastic tomorrow. Many people in this world believe in the fact that anticipation can help a person to become well motivated while aiming to accomplish a certain task or while waiting for something new in this world. It is easy to build such emotion in the heart and mind of a person when a very special event or achievement in the past remains fresh in the memory. Most of the people in this world have high expectations in all of the things that will happen in their future. And positive anticipations can be considered also as form of motivation.

Anticipation helps a person to become more positive in life while waiting for a very special goal or dream to be accomplished. It can be embodied by a very special dream or aspiration in life. It is something which embodies good news that a person wants to see and witness in the future. Since it has an ability to control the level of excitement in the life of a person, and it can also bring enjoyment. Such emotion can be considered also as another form of motivation for everyone.

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