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Table Of Contents

Legal Disclaimer (Pg 24)
Chapter 1 – Bartending Basics
Basic supplies you will need for a professionally equipped bar (Pg 3)
Standard Bar Measures (Pg 4)
Glass Ware (Pg 5)
Stocking Your Bar (Pgs 6 & 7)
Bar Hints & Tips (Pgs 8 – 10)
Density Chart For Liqueurs (Pg 11)
Common Bar Terms (Pgs 12-14)
How to Chill Cocktail Glasses (Pg 15)
How to Cut Lemon Twists (Pg 16)
How to Flame a drink (Pg 17)
How to Layer a Cocktail (Pg 18)
A recipe for simple syrup (Pg 19)
How to Make Sour Mix (Pg 20)
How to Muddle a Drink (Pg 21)
Chapter 2- Your Responsibilities As A Host
How to Recognize Signs of Inebriation (Pg 22)
Dealing with someone who is drunk (Pg 23)

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Basic supplies you will need for a professionally equipped bar.

A jigger measure (one with an accurate scale of half and quarter ounces)
A bar strainer
A corkscrew
A can or bottle opener
A large pitcher
A mixing glass or shaker
A set of measuring spoons
A lemon-lime squeezer
A Paring knife
Ice bucket with tongs (vacuum type is preferred)
A wooden muddler (for mashing mints, fruits, etc.)
A variety of different glassware for different types of drinks (see Glass Ware)

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