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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Art of Selling ……….. 4
Chapter 2: Show Customers the Value …………… 8
Chapter 3: Be Authentic, Responsive, and Real ………………. 12
Chapter 4: Lead; Don’t Sell ……….. 15
Chapter 5: Take Advantage of Social Networking …………….. 18
Chapter 6: Establish a Long-Term Relationship Through E-mail Marketing ……………… 20
Chapter 7: Reassure Your Customers ………….. 23
Chapter 8: Take the Lead in Your Niche ……….. 25
Chapter 9: Be Honest 28
Chapter 10: Give It Away ………….. 30
Conclusion ……………. 32

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Chapter 1: The Art of Selling

Imagine a row of cramped stalls on the dusty road somewhere in the Middle East, several hundred years ago. The stalls sit side-by-side on both sides of a dusty street. Some people in the crowd are simply going from one place to another, and some have come to purchase a particular item. The vendors use all sorts of schemes and strategies to get the attention of the passersby and draw them to their own stall rather than to their neighbor’s. Each vendor must convince one person at a time that he has the best product compared to all those around him and that it would be a grave mistake to buy from anyone else besides him. The buyer has to be convinced that what he is giving up is nothing in exchange for the value that he is getting in return.

This is the art of selling.

Every business person, whether on a dusty street in the Middle East or in an air-conditioned high-rise in New York City, has to convince the buyer that his product is the best and that the buyer would be missing out on a great deal by walking away from the transaction. The object of the person or company selling the goods and services is to convince the buyer that he will get more than he is being asked to give.

People have been mastering the art of selling products and services to those who need them since the beginning of time. The methods

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