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According to research studies, behavioral psychologist found out that people actually make most of their decisions impulsively. Only when they are asked to explain their decision, they’ll come up with seemingly rational or reasonable explanations for doing so.

Pay attention to your decisions, are you active and conscientiously weighing a lot of factors before you make a call?

Or are you making these decisions based on how you feel? If that’s the case, then ask yourself, if you are emotionally overreacting or have a tough time by keeping your emotions under control. If this is the case, then it may well turn out that a lot of your decisions are impulsive and emotional in nature. This may lead to you regretting, a higher than normal amount of those decisions.

This doesn’t seem like any kind of memory or concern that enters your mind is enough to get the better of your emotions. You find yourself feeling sad, overly concerned or upset easily when you think about certain things. If this happens pretty much across the board, you may want to view this as a red flag.

In the span of a day, how many things on your “to do list”, have you actually completed? Pay attention to your “to do list” over the course of several months, because it seems like you’re able to achieve less with each passing day. Is your attention span getting shorter and shorter? This doesn’t mean that you’re lazy, this doesn’t mean that you’re not putting time and effort. Assuming that’s the case, you still see this pattern. If you see this pattern, then this is a serious red flag.

Do you watch videos or movies and it doesn’t take much for you to get really sad? Do you think back to certain things that happened in your past and you can’t help but feel sad, victimized, or pressed or otherwise abused. Even if something good happened to you, you tend to focus on what’s missing, do you focus on how things could have improved, or could have been better?

Do you find that when you keep thinking about how things could be so much better, then you start getting sadder and sadder?

If you get easily depressed, then this means something is off balanced in your life. You’re not seeing the big picture. You’re not looking at things from the right perspective. It doesn’t seem like you see a healthy connection between a lot of things that’s depressing you and other things that could actually make you happy.
Instead, you just focus on the things that are bad and you only see the negative, you don’t see the context. If this is the case, you might want to start unwinding. You might want to adapt a personal routine that will enable you to head off depression. It’s very easy to assume the very worst. It’s definitely very easy to feel the things are the worst that they could be.

The good news is, it’s all a choice, you do have a lot of say in the matter.

I know that you’re feeling sad, I know that you feel that your life has, somehow, someway spiraled out of control at some level or another. But please understand that you have a lot more choice than you give yourself a credit for. You don’t necessarily have to automatically feel upset, sad or angry when you remember certain things or when you see certain things or people say stuff to you. You can choose to respond differently, you don’t have to react with automatic depression, sadness, rage or insecurity. To learn how to retake your control over your mental and emotional resources and processes, click here.

Do you oftentimes stop and look at the great things that’s happening in your life, but somehow, someway can’t quite feel 100% positive about what’s going on. Because it seems like, regardless of how awesome things are going for you in many areas of your life, you feel that it’s about to end or the best days are behind you.

Do you think that if you allow yourself to celebrate or feel really good about the good times that they will somehow be cut short? Have you often warn yourself that you don’t want to “jinx” your good fortune?

If you detect any of these thought patterns, you are suffering from irrational fear. There’s really no other way to say it. You’re afraid that something bad will happen that will cut off the good times.

The question that needs to be asked is, whether this is a rational fear? Does it make sense? Is there evidence to back it up? Are there good reasons why you should be in fear? Because you have to confront this issue, otherwise you won’t be able to live a full emotional life.

You’ll always be holding back, you can’t feel fully content, you can’t express full appreciation of the great things that’s happening in your life. Somehow, someway you have to pull back otherwise the situation that you fear the most will happen so you hold back. You have to be completely honest with yourself to determine if this is how you see things.

If you take an honest look at the many different areas of your life, you should come to the conclusion that at least one area is doing well. You may not be enjoying the best results compared to everybody else but you’re not enjoying the worst either. When you compare that one particular area of your life to other aspects of your life, you’re doing well there.

Do you feel that you deserve it? Do you feel that you had it coming? If you don’t? Then this is a red flag! This might indicate that there are certain things that are out of balance in your life, at the very least you are not looking at things in context, you may also be short changing yourself in terms of the credit you give yourself.

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