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Table of Contents

Introduction …. 5
Chapter 1: What Is a Mindset? … 9
Chapter 2: The Difference Between a Scarcity Mindset and an Abundance Mind … 11
Chapter 3: Why Change Your Mindset? . 15
Chapter 4: The Research on Living an Abundant Life … 18
Mindsets and Intelligence18
Mindsets and Opportunities 19
Mindsets and Decision Making 20
Mindsets and Learning … 20
Mindsets and Health . 20
Chapter 5: What Is Your Mindset? Determine How You Think 23
Focusing on the Gaps …. 23
You Don’t Ask for Help … 24
You Are Uncomfortable With Compliments .. 25
You Dwell on the Past …. 26
You Often Use the Words Don’t or Can’t 27
You Envy Others .. 29
Feed a Sense of Urgency … 30
Blame Others .. 31
Chapter 6: Law of Abundance – Know What Can Make a Difference 34
Giving and Receiving 34
Relationships .. 35
Work 36
Finances …. 36
Define What You Want … 37
Chapter 7: Changing Your Mindset …. 41
Find What You Need to Live an Abundant Life . 41
Learn to Receive .. 42
Find What You Love .. 43
Feel What You Want . 44
Appreciate What You Have . 44
Accept and Let Go …. 45
Accomplish Small Actions … 46
Chapter 8: The GROW Model …. 49
Implement Changes in a Successful Way …. 49
Goal . 49
Reality … 49
Options . 50
Will … 50
Chapter 9: Practical Ways to Implement Today – Make It a Daily Practice . 55
Be Mindful .. 55
Focus on What You Want … 55
Show Gratitude …. 56
Reducing Expectations .. 56
Change Your Vocabulary …. 56
Chapter 10: Go Beyond Abundance – Start to Manifest What You Want … 59
Write Daily in a Gratitude Journal . 59
Express Self-Love 59
Receive With Arms Wide Open 60
See the Opportunity in Difficulties . 60
Conclusion … 62

Sample Content Preview

Chapter 2: The Difference Between a Scarcity Mindset and an Abundance Mind

There are two types of mindset that was coined by the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey. These are a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset. The scarcity mindset is more about focusing on what we don’t have and our limits. Meanwhile, an abundance mindset is about creating opportunities and believing that there are enough resources for everyone to benefit.

A person with a scarcity mindset will be absorbed with what is missing in one’s life. In that situation, the mind becomes busy worrying and stops us from accessing what we want from life. A scarcity mindset will focus on limitation and manifest obstacles which can seriously limit our success. When you limit yourself with your beliefs and actions, you are not open to receive or recognize the abundance that surrounds you.

For a scarcity mind, there is never enough. The person wakes up in the morning thinking they didn’t have enough sleep or won’t have enough time to accomplish all the things that can be accomplished that day. No matter what it is, the scarcity mind is set on acknowledging what is not available.

Think of your life. Which area do find yourself focusing on what you don’t have? What limits do you place on yourself? Which area of your life (love, relationships, finances, work, etc.) do you apply a scarcity mindset?

The other side of the medal is the abundance mindset. With that mindset, we realize that there is enough in this world for everyone to receive. You let go of negative feelings like jealousy, envy or pity for yourself and take matters in your own hands. You move from being a victim in your life to a leader. In addition, you don’t focus on the limitation but you recognize the good things that are already present in your life and set your intention to manifest more of what you want. With an abundance mindset, the person gets up thinking that they will make time to rest in the afternoon and then make a list of what can be accomplished in the day. It’s about what is possible or about what is available in the present moment.

Think of what you currently have in your life. Make a list of the things, situation or people that make your life rich. What are you grateful for in your life? What do you appreciate about yourself?

Now that you know a little bit more about the two mindsets, you can start applying behavior change and thinking style that match what you want. The more you will be aware of your mindset, the easier it will be to shift toward an abundance mindset. In the next chapter, you will learn about the benefits of making that shift and what you can expect by bringing more of an abundance mindset into your life.

Chapter 3: Why Change Your Mindset?

As you’ve seen in the previous chapter, a mindset is what will likely determine how you experience your life and if you enjoy it or not. The benefits of having an abundance mindset are endless. Individuals with an abundance mindset are, in general, more successful and feel less stress in their daily life. Here are a few other benefits:

Appreciate your life: Individuals who have an abundance mindset will appreciate more what they have and also the people in their life. Access more opportunities: With an abundant mindset, more opportunities are revealed because you actually look for them.

Decrease your daily stress: Because people with an abundance mindset are less likely to have expectations that cannot be met, this allows them to live a life that has less stress and disappointment.

Reduce your anxiety: When you strongly believe that there are enough resources for everyone, you automatically trust that you can access what you need when you need it. Instead of finding yourself worrying about what you don’t have, you are able to reduce your anxiety by knowing that you can manifest what you want when you need it.

Take control of your life: When you live with a scarcity mindset, you are often living as a victim. Like life happens to you as opposed to you making life happen. An abundance mindset will place you in the driver’s seat and will give you more control over your life and a greater ability to create what you want to experience.

Foster happier and fulfilling relationships: We tend to attract people that think like us. If you are stuck in a scarcity mindset, you will have the tendency to attract people that limit themselves. Alternatively, if you cultivate an abundance mindset, you will start manifesting relationships that are uplifting, supportive and most of all that brings more abundance in your life.

Improve your health: People who demonstrate an abundance mindset are more grateful which is tied to better physical and psychological health. They are less likely to experience depression, anxiety, stress and other chronic diseases that are often connected to one’s lifestyle. In the next chapter, we will go deeper into the facts that surround an abundance mindset. We will look at what the scientific world has discovered about abundance and scarcity mindsets.

Chapter 4: The Research on Living an Abundant Life

In this chapter, we will explore the research that was completed on mindsets. These researches have brought forward some very interesting conclusion that will likely make you want to shift your perception of your life.

The research on scarcity and abundance reveals results that we could not foresee, like a reduced intelligence quotient (IQ) or how we limit ourselves with a scarcity mindset.

These results provide us with more knowledge about the difference between mindsets and also encourage us to make positive changes in how we perceive the world around us. As William James, American psychologist and philosopher, once said: “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.”

Mindsets and Intelligence

Changing our mindset can have a big impact on our life. One of the most interesting findings comes from research done at Harvard University. The study looked at the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of individuals when they had a scarcity mindset versus when they had an abundance mindset. The results revealed that the difference between having a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset can be as much as 10 to 14 IQ points.

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