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Table Of Contents

Two types of comparative site testing
Using your winning page automatically
Tracking your test results
Multivariate testing
Using Google Website Optimizer
Getting organized
Why using free Google software works
How GWO and GA complement one another
How to define a conversion?
There is more to testing…
Test your HTML
Browser tests you must run
Specific sales process testing
Make sure that you can get paid
Your download, upsells and OTO’s
Testing e-mail deliverability
You like it, but…

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One of the most basic facts about having a business enabled website is that, no matter how well designed it is or how much you paid a copywriter to create a stunning sales letter for you, you still have little or no idea how well it will perform until it goes live.

One of the most basic facts of everyday life, on the other hand, is that no matter what it is that you do, it could almost always be done better, and the only real way that you can establish how is by testing.

There is no such thing as a perfect website, although there have been many sites that have been so successful that you might have been forgiven for believing that they were pretty near to perfection!

But, I am certain that if you asked even the top level experts and gurus that created the sites that generated millions of dollars in revenues for them, they would tell you that there was something that they could perhaps have done better.

That is the nature of website creation, and quite naturally so, because we all have different tastes, likes and dislikes, and what looks or reads well to me may seem like a hideous mishmash to you.

No matter how well your site is designed, it therefore stands to reason that it could always be improved.

However, most sales enabled web pages, or indeed any other kind of webpage is likely to be made up of many different elements, and whilst it is good to know that you would like to improve a particular page, but knowing where to start on what to change is the key.

For example, your web page may have a header banner across the top which you think looks attractive and professional, but that is only your opinion.

It is the opinion of your customers that matters so would changing it improve the performance of your page?

Your page will certainly have a headline, and perhaps a sub-headline as well. Is this an area where your page could be tweaked so that it performed more profitably?

There will be graphics on some of the pages, and perhaps videos as well.

All of these may be helping the rate of sales that you make from your site, but equally, they may not be.

The first essential job of any business or organization that is trying to sell any kind of product or service online is to get visitors to their site.

In fact, even if your site is not selling, you should still be testing to make sure that it its performance is optimized.

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