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Table Of Contents

Page 4…..How and Why Teleseminars and Webinars Are Successful
• Secret #1 – Chose the Right Platform for Success
• Secret #2 – Single or Series?
Page 8…..Teleseminar Tools
• Secret #3 – Teleseminars Are Not Expensive to Host
• Secret #4 – Teleseminars Can Help Build Massive Lists
• Secret #5 – To Record or Not To Record?
• Secret #6 – Other People Are The Most Important Tool
Page 13…..Special Webinar Tools
• Secret #7 – Most People Are Not Computer Savvy
Page 14…..Why Would Anyone Want To Attend Your Tele Event?
• Secret #8 – Should You Charge?
• Secret #9 – Deliver Outstanding Content
• Secret #10 – Hold The Event On The Right Day
• Secret #11 – Provide A Toll Free Number
Page 19…..Getting People To Register For Your Event
• Secret #12 – Use PPC To Your Advantage
• Secret #13 – It’s Time To Joint Venture!
Page 22…..Preparing For The Event – What You Need
• Secret #14 – Getting The Event Scheduled
• Secret #15 – Notifying Participants
• Secret #16 – Preparing Your Content
Page 25…..The Actual Event
• Secret #17 – Understand How It All Works
• Secret #18 – Last Minute Reminders
• Secret #19 – Participants: Not To Be Seen or Heard
• Secret #20 – Let The Content Flow
Page 27…..What Will You Gain?
• Secret #21 – Profit From Your Own Product
• Secret #22 – Profit From Affiliate Products
• Secret #23 – Profit From The Teleseminar Admission Fee
• Secret #24 – Profit From The Teleseminar Recordings
• Secret #25 – Lead Generation
Page 29…..Resources

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How and Why Teleseminars and Webinars Are Successful

If you are subscribed to any Internet Marketers list, or if you visit marketing sites on a regular basis, the chances are very good that you’ve seen teleseminars or webinars advertised, and you may have even attended such events yourself. Teleseminars and webinars have become extremely popular marketing tools, and with very good reason.

First, the myth that holding such an event is costly is absolutely wrong. While this may have cost a lot in the past, that simply is no longer true, especially in the case of teleseminars. The other reason that there seems to be an explosion of teleseminars and webinars is that they simply work – for whatever purpose they are being held.

Teleseminars and webinars are used to sell products and services, to generate leads for future sales, to build lists, or just to provide value to existing customers. Teleseminars and webinars are also used to create products, since recordings and/or transcripts of such events with great content are very valuable.

In fact, the teleseminar or webinar may be a product themselves if fees are charged for participating in the event. Smart Internet Marketers are building entire businesses on teleseminars and the resulting products, such as transcripts and recordings.

People’s desire to learn about a specific topic is the whole reason that teleseminars exist. Traveling to seminars, where one must attend in person, is very costly. On top of travel costs for rental cars, gasoline, airline tickets, bus tickets, or train tickets, there are the fees to attend the event, hotel costs, and the cost of food while on the trip as well.

But with teleseminars and webinars, the participants never have to leave their homes. That cuts out the cost of travel and a hotel stay right there. Teleseminars and webinars are usually either free or priced low – generally anywhere from $30 to $200 depending on the content – which cuts out another huge expense. Seminars usually cost a couple of thousand dollars to attend, and that is just for the entry fee!

When a person has a desire to learn something, and they know they need to listen to the experts, they start looking for experts who will speak to them on the topic. In the past, this meant locating a seminar on the topic and arranging to attend. Now, they just surf the Internet and look for teleseminars or webinars on their topic.

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