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Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 1 – Pay Per Click Services
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 2 – SEO
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 3 – Blogging and Forum Posting
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 4 – Article Submissions Traffic
Tidal Wave Method # 5 – Traffic Exchange Programs Traffic
Tidal Wave Method # 6 – Directory Submission Traffic Tidal
Wave Method # 7 – Link Exchange Programs Traffic Tidal
Wave Method # 8 – Email Marketing
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 9 – Social Networking Sites
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 10 – Video Sharing Traffic
Tidal Wave Method # 11 – Podcasting
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 12 – Viral Marketing
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 13 – Giving Away
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 14 – Yahoo! Answers
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 15 – Squidoo Traffic
Tidal Wave Method # 16 – USFreeAds Traffic
Tidal Wave Method # 17 – Craigslist Traffic Tidal
Wave Method # 18 – Digg
Traffic Tidal Wave Method # 19 – StumbleUpon Traffic
Tidal Wave Method # 20 – Social Bookmarking

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Search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO, has been a buzzword in the Internet marketing world for several years now. Basically it means making a website better searchable by the search engines. Marketers who are looking at optimizing their websites work with regards to one of three major search engines – Google, Yahoo! Or MSN – because all these three have different parameters for organizing their links.

Out of this Google is the most popular and most marketers wish that their rank – called as PageRank in Google parlance – improves. Since Google is a context based search engine (which means it ranks content-rich websites higher than others), marketers use the following methods for improving their PageRank on Google:-

They research on keywords and use them in their content. Google ranks websites based on the number of currently popular keywords that it contains.

Apart from keyword optimization, the overall content matters too. There must at least a 250 word content on a webpage for it to be considered by Google. The content needs to be regularly updated too. Google is looking for content that provides value to the reader. Content that keeps changing is looked upon as dynamic content that the visitor would like.

Speaking in a broader sense, all methods of traffic generation are SEO methods. There’s a reason behind this. Search engines like Google keep a watch on the popularity of websites. According to them, if a website is visited more, it contains good value. Hence, websites that generate traffic automatically end up with better stakes on the search engines.

We shall be learning many more SEO methods in the course of this eBook.

Blogging and Forum Posting

You surely know what blogs and forums are. Though blogs and forums are different from each other, there’s one thing that’s common between them. Both of them allow visitors to post comments on them. That is the reason why they become interactive tools for the marketers of today.

Many marketers are known to start blogs of their own and make a post about their industry or even about their own product. They then put the link of their business website in the post or below it (below is considered more dignified). Visitors read the post and may probably visit the link mentioned. Thus, blogging is a good method of traffic generation.

Now, it is not necessary for you to have your own blog to market through them. (Incidentally if you want to make your own blog, software such as Blogger, available at, and WordPress, available at can help you.) You could even visit blogs and forums of other people that are active on the Internet and make your comment on them. Even these have the same result; you get people coming in through the promoted link.

Forums follow a similar principle, but here you have to follow threads. Check out Digital Point Forums ( to see how the system works. Here you can initiate a thread. Forums have a better approach than blogs because here you will find only people who are very serious in the industry. Thus, both blogs and forums can improve the amount of traffic that your website is getting if you do them correctly.

Article Submissions

Submitting articles for traffic generation is a method that has been around since the beginning of the concept of Internet marketing and it is still going great guns. The fact that websites like Google rank content-rich websites better is what consolidates its position. Article submission is definitely one of the best methods of SEO available in today’s times.

The concept is simple – you write a keyword rich article and then you submit it on various article directories. You are given a bio box at the bottom of the article where you can put in your and your business’ name, with the link of the website that you want to promote. You can also put in a brief description about yourself in this box.

When a person stumbles upon on your website – the chances of which are high because you will be keyword optimizing your article – there is a likelihood that they will like your article and will then click on the link to get more information. This is how you get your traffic through article marketing.

Marketers use various article directories, most of which are free. The following is a list of some very good article marketing directories:-

Ezine Articles (
iSnare (
Go Articles (
Articles Base (
Article City (
Article Alley (
Buzzle (

By saying good we mean article directories that are ranked well by the search engines.

You can even submit the same article on several of these directories, which is what many marketers do. However, you must make sure that you keep the same author name, or it could count as plagiarism. The best way, of course, is to make a little variation in the articles when submitting to each directory so that it looks different.

You could even do that with software known as content spinning software. This software can produce variations of an article so that they are not rapped on the knuckles by search engines for duplication. However, since the quality of spun articles is not good, you will need to do some manual editing once they are spun.

The following are two popular content spinning software applications that some top Internet marketers use:-

Content Spinner (
Content Spooler (
Traffic Exchange Programs

Traffic exchange programs are places where you can submit your website link. This is a membership place. All members will submit their own links. The idea is to get together and promote each other’s links as though this is a giant affiliate program, where every website owner is an affiliate of the other.

The direct benefit is that there is a whole army of people promoting your website and not just you, which means that you get some stupendous publicity. Your website link jumps up several notches on the search engine ranking and the Alexa rankings because of the great publicity that this generates. In other words, you get a breathtaking amount of traffic.

There are free traffic exchange programs where you can submit the link of your website for free, only in exchange for promoting other website links. However, there is another mode at work here too. You can click on the links of other websites, becoming traffic for them, which gives you points. When you get a particular number of points, you can submit your website link too.

You might ask how this is beneficial to the website submitters since you have clicked on the links without any intention of buying anything. Actually, it still works, because you are trafficking the site. This makes the search engine think that the website is popular and it gives the website a better rank. Your clicks have propelled the website to a higher position on the search engine results.

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