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Table Of Contents

Swimming for Fitness
Getting the Right Equipment
Different Strokes
How to Breath Properly
Turning on Kinetic Energy
How to Develop a Strong Pull
The Proper Kick
Developing Speed
Drills and Practice
Swimming Like a Fish
Scuba Swimming – Underwater
Training for Competitive Swimming
Long Distance Swimming
Optimum Weight for Swimming
Nutrition and Swimming

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Swimming for Fitness

Swimming for Fitness as a Health Routine

There is an Australian movie titled “Swimming Upstreams” with Academy Award Winner Geoffrey Rush (“Shine”, “Banger Sisters”, “Intolerable Cruelty) and Jesse Spencer (“Uptown Girls”, the TV series “House). Spencer plays a swimmer whose major goal is to make his father proud. In order to prepare for his role, Spencer worked out to achieve a swimmer’s body.

To be accurate, look at Ian Thorpe’s body. The Olympic winning swimmer may be having problems driving, but when it comes to swimming, he’s at the top of his game.

In fact, health-conscious individuals resort to swimming as an activity that will help them become fit. If you’re looking for a healthy exercise routine, swimming for fitness is just a swimming pool lap away.

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