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How Healthy is Your Credit Score?
Creating a Family Budget
Getting Organized
Prospering Your Business in Bad Times
Communicate and Negotiate
How to Save on Gas
Trimming Your Insurance Policies
Paying Off Your Car Loan Early
Saving on Utilities
Groceries – How to Trim the Fat
Entertainment on a Budget
Doing Your Own Auto Maintenance
Change Your Habits and Save
Who to Pay First
Disciplined Buying

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How Healthy is Your Credit Score?

Ten Best Ways to a Healthy Credit Score

1. Keep your score safe.

As a personal record, you need to keep your credit report safe. Most people find that despite their prompt payment of bills and minimal debts, they still have a low credit score. This often happens as a result of identity theft. This crime occurs when others use your personal information to access your accounts. Somebody else benefits from your bank account while you end up with large debts.

To avoid this, you need to practice safe banking and related practices. Keep important information such as account or PIN numbers to yourself. Be cautious when using computers to file information as they can be stored and accessed by others.

2. Monitoring Credit Report

You must monitor your credit report. This will enable you to record and keep track of your consumer credit reports from three of the major agencies. Once you have the credit report, you will be able to analyze your credit history and ensure that all information is correct. Unless you take the time to monitor your credit report, you will not be able to correct false information that could work against you.

3. General Good Financial Habits

Practicing a healthy financial habit will enable you to have better control over your financial life. When you are able to achieve this, you are one step closer to reaching your financial goals.

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