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Table of Contents

Introduction .. 4
Chapter 1 – What is Creative Visualization? …. 8
Converting Your Dreams to Reality . 9
How and Why Visualization Works 10
Why Creative Visualization is So Powerful 11
Chapter 2 – How to Visualize .. 15
Visualizing Your Goals 15
Fix Your Mindset … 16
Remind Yourself of the Importance of Slowing Down .. 17
Envision What it Will take to Achieve Your Goal …. 18
Use Affirmations …. 19
Refining Your Technique … 19
Using Visualization Exercises .. 22
Chapter 3 – Techniques for Clearing Your Energy … 26
Energy Clearing Exercises to Try Today … 28
Chapter 4 – Creative Visualization and Meditation … 34
How to Use Meditation to Enhance Your Creative Visualization 35
Simple Meditation Exercises to Utilize . 36
Chapter 5 – Mastering the Creative Visualization Process… 39
Practicing the Technique … 40
Manifesting Your Goal . 40
Conclusion . 42

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Chapter 1 – What is Creative Visualization?

Creative visualization is a technique that involves using your imagination to come up with and visualize scenarios in your mind’s eye. When you use visualization techniques on a regular basis, you compose a mental image of something and then concentrate on the situation or image for some time.

The first belief with the process of creative visualization is that when you change your thoughts and perceptions, you can alter your reality. Many influential, wealthy, and successful people in the world are convinced that by visualizing a specific scenario or behaviors, you can adjust the energy patterns in your life and bring your desires and goals to you faster.

Converting Your Dreams to Reality

Creative visualization utilizes the power of your mind to make any goal or a dream come true. Think back to your best accomplishment. Remember how fulfilling it felt, basking in the glory of your success and achievement? Think back to the time when the desire to accomplish that goal was merely a seed in your mind or an idea, and you said yes to it.

What were your thoughts then? Were you afraid and worried about the endeavor, or where you enthusiastic and excited? Did you visualize failure or success? Did you imagine yourself in last place, or standing proudly on the podium? When you were first considering this goal, you imagined it as if it were already accomplished. This is known as creative visualization.

When you repeatedly visualize a person, situation, object, or event, you dictate to your subconscious mind that this is what you need and what you want to seek. Creative visualization is not magic; rather it is the natural process involving using the power of your mind to imprint a command and a desire into your minds, as well as project the right type of energetic vibrations that attract your goal.

How and Why Visualization Works

Your subconscious mind acknowledges the thoughts that you repeat often, and then it changes your mindset accordingly, followed by your actions and habits. This process brings you into direct contact with new circumstances, situations, and people.

Your thoughts are charged with a new creative power that can shape your life and bring you what you think about. It is believed that these thoughts move from one mind to the next, and when they are strong enough, other people that are in a position to help you accomplish your goals and desires can pick up on them unconsciously.

It is essential to understand that thoughts are energy, particularly a strong idea, that is filled with emotional power. In fact, thoughts can alter the balance of the energy around you while changing the environment accordingly. Most people tend to repeat specific ideas often. They concentrate their thoughts on their current situation and environment and create and recreate similar kinds of circumstance and events. This process reserves the same status quo and world. Fortunately, you can change your life’s film by merely adjusting your thoughts. When you visualize different situations and circumstances, you can create a different reality.

You aren’t using magical powers to accomplish this, but you are merely using natural laws and powers that everyone possesses. It isn’t something tangible that you have to change. You just need to focus on adjusting your thoughts and attitude, which will then change and re-mold your world. For instance, if you live in a small apartment and want a larger one, rather than complaining about your fate and lack of finances, all you need to do is change your attitude and thoughts, and visualize living in a larger apartment.

Creative visualization can help you achieve several significant things. While the power of creative visualization is a great power, there are certain limits to using it. People often limit themselves and fail to look beyond a small, restricted circle. They define themselves by their thoughts and beliefs.

You limit yourself to the life you know. The more open-minded you can become, and the bigger you dare to think, the greater your possibilities and opportunities. Limitations are within your mind, and it is up to you to rise above them. This means that your thoughts have a lot of power.

Why Creative Visualization is So Powerful

You’ve probably heard that you are what you think. That’s because people think in images. Even as you read a book, your mind is composing mental pictures according to how the words are written. You also create in images. Think back to the last time that you planned to do something with your friends.

It takes visualization to prepare. You don’t have a spreadsheet or calendar in your head, only mental movies. You image you and your friends doing something, picturing the experiences as you wish them to unfold.

Images also have great manifesting power that increases with repetition and concentration. A single thought, such as a single raindrop, can’t make a garden grow and thrive. However, many thoughts that are convincing mental images with powerful emotions attached to it can create a sustaining rain that helps your garden grow. Other people will pick up on your thoughts unconsciously. The more focus and well defined your thoughts are, the more the appropriate circumstances and people will appear in your life, and the quicker your vision will come true.

When you image something, you compose an emotion around it. Feeling good, which is a positive emotion, is a reward. Generally, the more you think about your goal, the better you feel, and the higher your mental vibration, which will help to manifest the mental emotion and image into reality.

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