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First of all, I would like to congratulate you for making the decision and commitment to get this success manual in order to start making some outrageously successful changes in your finances and in your life!

By taking that first step, you have already separated yourself from the majority of people who only wish for their lives to change but never do anything about it. You are already giant steps ahead of the masses. So, you should feel really great about that!

One thing I’d like you to understand is that this manual is not designed to be read passively. The only way you will gain any real benefit from it is by using the information, by applying the knowledge and the strategies to your own life. When you do that, there will be no limits to the level of success you can achieve.

Your active participation will be required in various chapters. You will be asked to do some simple exercises which will provide you with the answers you can then use to be totally successful. So, please do the work required. It’s really not difficult at all, and it will only take you a few minutes per day to do them. If you do that, I promise you that your wildest dreams will become your daily living, breathing reality.

I should also warn you that if you don’t use the information in this book, and if you don’t apply what you learn, this book will be of very little use to you.

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