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Since releasing my various Facebook app building tools there is one question I get asked a lot.

“Can I make this gather email addresses for my opt-in list?”

To those people I have always given them a word of warning about such practices and then pointed them in the general direction of a freelance site where they could find someone at a relatively low cost who could make the necessary PHP code changes.

But since this is such a frequently asked question I decided to write a report that will show you how to modify the code yourself and get your application to add users to a mailing list.

You can use these techniques with almost any Facebook app code including that which is generated by Instant Facebook Games and Social App Creator.

For the sake of example I shall be using the template code that was provided with “Facebook Apps Made Easy”.

But before we get into how to do this I need to pass on the same word of warning that I have given to those who have asked about this.

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