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Chapter 2

You Can Alter Your Life Synopsis

We now know that positive mental attitude is a great thing. Once you begin to employ these principles with positive mental attitude in your preferred occupation or to a solution of your personal issues, you’re on the road to success. Then you’re on the right track and headed in the correct direction toward getting what you wish. To accomplish anything worthwhile in life, it’s crucial that you employ positive mental attitude, no matter what other success rules you employ.

Positive mental attitude is the catalyst which makes any combination of success precepts work to accomplish a worthwhile end. Its negative mental attitude, combined with some of the same precepts, that’s the catalyst which results in crime or evilness. And grief, calamity, tragedy —sin, disease, demise —are a few of its rewards.

The Things Needed

As long as you live, from this day onwards, you are able to analyze your every success and every failure —that is, if you form these principles indelibly in your memory.

You might develop and sustain a permanent positive mental attitude by making it your duty to adopt and apply these principles in your day-to-day living. There’s no other known technique by which you might keep your mind positive.

Analyze yourself bravely, now, and learn which of these precepts you have been utilizing and which of them you’ve been overlooking.

In the future examine both your successes and your allures, utilizing the principles as a measuring system, and really soon you’ll be able to lay your finger on what has been holding you back.

If you have positive mental attitude and don’t succeed, then what? If you utilize positive mental attitude and don’t succeed, it might be because you’re not using it the right way in the combination for success to accomplish your particular goal.

Initially it might be hard to comprehend and apply the principles. However as you continue to read each of these precepts will be more clear to you. You’ll then be able to utilize them.

Has the world presented you a raw deal? “I never truly had a chance to advance. My dad was an alcoholic, you know.” “I was raised in the slum area and that’s something you are able to never get out of your system.” “I only had an elementary school education.”

These individuals are all stating, in essence, that the world has afforded them a raw deal. They’re blaming the world and conditions outside themselves for their failures. They blame their heredity or their surroundings. They start out with a negative mental attitude. And, naturally, with that attitude, they’re handicapped. But it’s negative mental attitude that is holding them down, not the extraneous handicap which they provide as the cause of their failure.

Identifying one’s self with a successful mental image may help break the habits of self-doubt and defeat which years of negative mental attitude set up inside a personality. A different and equally crucial successful strategy for altering your world is to identify yourself with a mental image that will inspire you to make the correct decisions. It may be a slogan, a picture, or any other symbol that’s meaningful to you.

What will your picture state to you? There’s one way to find out. When you’re faced with a grave issue or decision, ask your picture a question. Listen, for the answer. A different crucial ingredient for altering your world is to have definiteness of purpose.

Definiteness of purpose is the beginning point of all accomplishment. Definiteness of purpose, blended with positive mental attitude, is the beginning point of all worthwhile accomplishment Remember —your world will alter whether or not you decide to alter it.

• However you’ve the power to decide its direction. You are able to pick out your own targets. When you ascertain your definite major aims with positive mental attitude, there’s a natural tendency for you to utilize seven of the success precepts:

• Personal initiative

• Self-control

• Originative vision

• Organized thinking

• Commanded attention (concentration of effort)

• Budgeting of time and cash

• Exuberance


98 out of every 100 individuals who are disgruntled with their world don’t have a clear picture in their brains of the world they’d like for themselves.

Consider it! Consider the individuals who drift without aim through life, disgruntled, struggling against a great many things, but without a clear goal. Can you say, right now, what it is that you wish out of life?

Fixing your goals might not be simple. It might even involve a little painful self-contemplation. But it will be worth whatever work it costs, because as soon as you are able to name your goal, you are able to expect to enjoy a lot of advantages. These advantages come nearly automatically.

The first awesome advantage is that your subconscious starts to work under a universal law: “What the mind of man may conceive and believe —the mind of man may accomplish with positive mental attitude.” Because you visualize your specified destination, your subconscious is affected by this self-suggestion. It goes to work to help you arrive there.

Because you know what you desire, there’s a tendency for you to try to get on the correct track and head in the correct direction. You get into action.

Work now gets to be fun. You’re motivated to pay the price. You budget your time and cash. You hit the books, think, and plan. The more you consider your goals, the more enthusiastic you get. And with enthusiasm your want turns into a burning desire.

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