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PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents    3
Introduction    5
Chapter 1: Is There A Demand    6
Success Fuels Demand    8
Is The Workforce Day Care Competition?    10
Chapter 2:  Starting Your Business With Successful Implementation    12
Determine The Type Of Day Care    12
Large Day Cares Do Better    13
Space Matters First    14
More Regulations To Consider    15
Funding Starts Small    16
Chapter 3:  Making It Work For Less    19
Develop A Business Plan    19
Sponsorship Can Help    20
Location Through The Business    21
Affordability Yet Necessary:  Your Sign    23
Chapter 4:  Setting Up The Operation    26
Your Hours  Of Operation    26
Determine Meals    27
Snacks?    29
Your Kitchen Staff?    29
Other Considerations    30
Chapter 5:  The Children’s Care and Needs Defined    32
Establishment Of A Routine    33
Sample Routine Breakdown    34
Additional Tasks To Incorporate    36
The Legalities That Must Be Provided For    38
Chapter 6:  Managing The Business Of A Day Care    41
Establishing The Cost    42
How Will They Pay?    43
Insuring Your Business    44
Profit And Reporting    45
Managing People    46
Be Sales Oriented    47
Getting An Education    49
Conclusion    51

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There are many people relying heavily on day cares today.  More and more families with two working adults are emerging.  The cost of a traditional day care in terms of a chain or franchise is very costly to many of these parents.  What’s more, the underlying fact that people want to leave their children where they can grow and prosper in a loving environment is so very important.

Can you provide these things to those that are looking for a day care?  Many people have what it takes to raise functional, well rounded children and enjoy doing so.  If that is you, chances are excellent that you can find a profitable business in it.

Day care centers within the home are one of the most sought after types of home businesses because they allow people do to what they love the best and to help others all from the comfort of their home.

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