How to Outsource Anything to Anyone PLR Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Why Outsource?
Chapter 2:
What Kinds of Jobs Must Be Outsourced?
Chapter 3:
Finding Professionals to Outsource Your Work to
Chapter 4:
Getting Professionals from Online Jobsites
Chapter 5:
Selecting the Right Person
Chapter 6:
Outsourcing and the Money Equation – Deciding How Much to Pay and How
Chapter 7:
Outsourcing Milestones and Escrows
Chapter 8:
The Three Rs that Keep the Outsourcing Tide Flowing – Ratings, Reviews and Relationships
Chapter 9:
Getting Your Job Done
Chapter 10:
Taking Outsourcing to the Next Level – An Important Step in Online Business Evolution

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Money talk.

Outsourcing and the Money Equation – Deciding How Much to Pay and How

In any business association, money is of paramount importance because that is why business exists in the first place. So, it is extremely important that you have the money equation set right.

The beauty of looking for outsourcing professionals on the Internet is that you can benefit from a very wide range of budgets. Since it is people who are going to bid on your projects, you can select them according to what you can pay. You initially set a ballpark figure of what you can pay and most people will bid within this range.

Whatever your budget is, you are able to find good professionals to work for you within that range. Remember that you are looking at the global marketplace here, and people in other countries may work for much lesser or much higher than what they do for in your local area.

Different jobs have different money equations. It is quite all right if you bid a low budget project initially just to get the feel of the professional’s work. You can tell them that you will review payments after you have seen their work. This works well and it also keeps the professional motivated because of the better payments that are poised to come their way.

When you are posting your project on a jobsite, do take some time to check out similar projects that are posted by other people. This will give you a good idea of what you should pay. But, more importantly, you must keep your own budget in focus when posting the project.


Escrows help the employer as well as the employed in an outsourcing equation. We shall learn more about escrows in the next chapter.

Online Banks

PayPal ( is the most popular online bank used by freelance outsourcers. It is followed (though not closely) by Moneybookers ( If you are going to outsource a lot, it is also a good idea to have a Payoneer debit card ( since it is affiliated with most of the freelance jobsites including GetAFreelancer, ScriptLance and oDesk. Releasing money from these sites to this debit card does not attract any fees either.


Milestones and escrows help in building mutual trust factors. Use them well.

Outsourcing Milestones and Escrows

If you want to get the best people working for you, you simply cannot ignore milestones and escrows. Milestones are especially important when you are working on huge projects and want people to give you their deliverables in smaller installments so that you could manage work at your end as well. And we have already seen how escrows are important.

Some websites, like eLance in particular, help you to state the form in which you want your deliverables. You could actually set up milestones for the whole project. Among other benefits, this ensures that your employee can manage the deadline in a much better manner. You can also keep tabs on things better.

It is ideal anyway to post only short-term projects at the start, until you have a rapport set up with the worker. Even though everything might seem all right to you in the bid, there are chances that something might go wrong when the actual project is underway. If you have a long project running, it could be cumbersome to bail out of these difficult situations. However, a short-term project can help.

On GetAFreelancer, the shortest project you can post should be worth $30. However, on most other sites, there is no minimum limit for the project you post.

The best way to make the payment is through an escrow system. Most jobsites work with escrows (which is actually the main reason why you should use these freelance jobsites because an escrow protects both parties). When you select a bidder, you deposit some money into an escrow account. This money is held by the website but not released to the bidder yet. When they accomplish the task, you can direct the website to release the funds to them.

Escrow helps you because in case there is any problem with the project later on and you don’t feel like you should pay, you could ask the website to arbitrate. No freelance website will arbitrate if an escrow wasn’t made. Also, the worker knows that you have money for the project and it motivates them to do a better job.


For long term outsourcing commitments, you need to stretch yourself a little more than the ordinary.

The Three Rs that Keep the Outsourcing Tide Flowing – Ratings, Reviews and Relationships

If you are looking for a long-term outsourcing solution, then the best way to do that is to find one good worker and continue working with them on your future assignments. Even though it seems simple, when you go into the nitty-gritty of employing freelancing outsource professionals, you will find that it is a difficult job. You need a lot of things – commitment, devotion, quality, ingenuity, good price, etc. It is not always that you will hit the jackpot when you are looking at getting work from someone whom you have never met and probably know nothing about their geographical or social position.

That is the reason why once you get a good person to do your job, you must go all out to retain him or her on your outsourcing payroll.

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