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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Starting with the end in Mind…………… 9
What do you Really Want?….9
Purpose or Pressure…………..10
Dangers of Following the Crowd………….. 12
Chapter 2: Benefits of Starting with Clarity…….. 17
Defined Goals…17
Clear Direction 18
A Sense of Meaning………….. 19
Identification of Distractions……………….. 19
Positive Self-Image…………… 21
Chapter 3: Signs of Lack of Clarity and Focus… 24
Multiple Goals.24
Instability……… 25
Frequent Chop and Change 26
Consistent Trial and Error Approach……26
Dissatisfaction. 27
Lack of Confidence……………28
Emotional Disturbances……29
Chapter 4: How to Eliminate Uncertainty………..32
Set SMART Goals………………32
Ask Questions..33
Find Mentors…34
Be Accountable35
Keep Learning. 35
Keep Track of Your Progress……………….. 36
Don’t Be Afraid To Fail…….. 37
Chapter 5: Living a Meaningful Life.40
Purpose, Plan, & Pursuit….. 40
The Pursuit of Personal Happiness……….41
Prioritizing Legacies………….42
Pouring Yourself into Serving Others….. 43
Chapter 6: Practices that can Enhance Clarity and Focus..46
Yoga……………… 48
Regular Planning……………… 49
Chapter 7: How to Reclaim Clarity and Focus… 52
Forgive Yourself……………….. 52
Identify Where you Missed it………………..53
Recognize why you got it Wrong…………..54
Go Back to the Beginning…. 55
Implement Measures for Staying on Track………………56
Chapter 8: Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball………..59
Don’t Overrate Yourself…….59
Don’t Change What Works. 60
Stay True to Yourself………… 61
Avoid Social Comparison…..61
Keep Track of Your Motives63
Keep the Right Company…..63
Conclusion……. 65

Sample Content Preview

Some people also strive to achieve certain goals so that they can prove a point to some people. They want to be able to tell the individuals that didn’t believe in them that they made it. This approach will only make you desperate, which can lead to wrong decisions you will regret in the long run.

No one should be the reason you want to achieve a target. What will happen to you if the person is still not pleased at the end of the day? You’ll be devastated. So, scrutinize your motive before striving to attain a target.

Dangers of Following the Crowd

When your dreams are based on the desire to please people, you’re at risk of the following issues:


You can never be stable when your dream isn’t based on your personal conviction. You’ll realize that you have many abandoned projects. You were striving hard to be a successful real estate investor two years ago, but you don’t fancy it anymore. You have decided to pursue a musical career now.

The year before, you wanted to be a footballer.

When the people around you realize that you are like that, they’ll not take you seriously. Instead of encouraging you, you will have more people doubting you. It might hurt you that you don’t get the necessary support you need. However, it might be your fault. Every dream has its challenges.

Decide what you want devoid of sentiments and pursue it regardless of the challenges you face.

Loss of Uniqueness

Whoever makes decisions based on trends cannot stay true to him or herself. Things can get so messed up that you cannot even tell who you are. You have copied so many people and followed different trends that you no longer know what matters to you. Your value system has been infested, and you have sacrificed your uniqueness on the altar of acceptance.

This isn’t a situation you should find yourself in. If you realize that you don’t know who you’re anymore, you need to retrace your step. You have left your true self somewhere behind. If you take your time to eliminate the wrong influences in your life, you will regain your uniqueness.

Poor Performance

You can only be the best when you stay true to yourself. When you set targets that don’t align with your strength, you cannot perform at the peak of your powers. You’ll be struggling, and it will become evident that something has to be done. Of course, you shouldn’t give up easily. You might be facing challenges sometimes because you need to acquire more skills.

Take your time and ask yourself why things haven’t been going fine for you. Could it be because you need more training or because you are doing something that doesn’t align with your personality? If the issue is that you need to acquire more skills, don’t hesitate to invest in your training. However, if the issue is that you are doing something that doesn’t maximize your strength, you need a new career path.

Low Self-Worth

Poor performance will take its toll on your self-esteem. It will affect your self-efficacy, which can discourage you from trying something new. Indeed, everyone fails. Nonetheless, if you discover that you’re often struggling to meet your target, you need to go back to the drawing board. In the words of Socrates, “it is better to change an opinion than to persist with a wrong one.”

Persistence has its place. However, it’s futile to stick with an approach that isn’t producing the needed result. Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong. Be the best version of yourself rather than be average because you want others to accept you. You don’t have to do things the way your family and friends do it before you can achieve success.

Mood Disorder

We all have reasons to be sad sometimes. We all have bad days when we don’t want to talk to anyone, including our loved ones. There are just days like that when you just want to be alone with your thoughts so that you can process what has been going wrong with your life. Yet, it’s a problem when such days and situations are consistent. It might be a sign that you are battling depression, which is a psychological problem.

One of the reasons you might find yourself battling depression is when you live your life based on the acceptance of others. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to impress someone once in a while. Still, it shouldn’t be something you have to repeat consistently. Stay more around the people that will not treat you like trash just because you didn’t possess certain things. You should find value in yourself and be yourself without being apologetic about it. Starting with the end in mind makes it easy to do this.

Chapter 2: Benefits of Starting with Clarity

The advantages of finding your true north are numerous. It enhances your chances of being comfortable in your skin and finding your best niche. The perks of starting with clarity include the following.

Defined Goals

There’s no way you’ll be able to set specific goals when you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do. You’ll only end up setting targets that are ambiguous based on questionable criteria. When people ask you how you intend to achieve the goal, you might find yourself shocked because you’ll realize that you haven’t thought things through. Some individuals will accuse others of being pessimistic for questioning the feasibility of their dreams. Don’t be deceived. It’s not everyone that questions you that doesn’t believe in you.

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