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Check reviews, check other affiliate comments and feedback and keep up-to-date with changes in the marketplace.

Arrange for Google to send you direct notification any time that your favorite affiliate network is mentioned in the news so you can stay one step ahead and be prepared to change at a moment’s notice when necessary.

Affiliate sign up process

Signing up for a network is easy. You just follow the prompts offered to you. For affiliate networks, you sign up to the network. With some networks, you sign up separately for each product or service you intend to use.

It’ll take you around five minutes providing you have your account information available, so they know how to pay you.

For direct merchant affiliate sign ups, have ready:

Your personal and business information

Know which promotional methods you intend to use

An estimate of your monthly sales (difficult to guess, I know!)

Read the full terms and conditions agreement. If there are any parts you do not understand, find out what they mean to you.

Have your savings or checking account information available. Many will pay you by PayPal, as an option.

Your website/blog

Add Google’s AdSense banners to your blog to see which advertisements appear across your pages. These will almost certainly be good money earners.

Go to these companies direct and add them as an affiliate.

Remove those AdSense from your individual website pages, so they do not clash and lose your business large commissions.

How to place your affiliate links and banners

The content of your website is the key to your affiliate sales. Where the content and your affiliate sales are not of a high enough quality, your customers will quickly move on to another website.

Content is king

Good quality content on your website/blog will attract customers and help you to a higher page ranking within search engines. Poor quality content will result in low page rankings and your readers will struggle to find you.

Original content will always prove much more successful than generic or copied content, which is effectively wasting your time.

The best positioning for affiliate links and banners are within the content of your website/blog.

Affiliate banners in your sidebar may look pretty, but this is not where your customers will click.

The best way to make the content and link interesting for your customer is to ensure that the two blends well and mix kindly within your overall website. This is why products related to your website work best.

Your webpages should not appear as a mass of links for affiliate sales. Each page should be full of great content with links you hardly notice as you read.

Customers who are reading your content are interested in the information you are providing. This makes them more likely to click on your link and make a purchase.

Some merchants will provide you with custom copy for your website/blog. Where you can alter the content your page will appear as an individual option within the search engines.

Other merchants will provide you with custom copy that you are not allowed to change. This copy may then appear exactly the same in several searches across the Internet.

Writing content for your website

For those who do not know:

Make the content great to read. Good quality information keeps readers on your page.

You can use freelance writers to compose your content if you’re not a great writer.

Post at least once every day – as the bare minimum.

You can try to place relevant guest posts across the internet to drive traffic back to your website.

Respond to all blog comments and be friendly, not argumentative.

Targeted traffic

By combining your website/blog, social media activities and great content, traffic will be targeted to your affiliate links.

This is the time to organize;

landing pages

high quality reviews of the products or services

tutorials on the subject

You will now;

share your content through social media

email your subscribers and auto responders

create free downloads, such as PDF reports, with links back to your content

repeat and repeat again

Work out a strategy to promote each individual affiliate link. By regularly managing and performing the actions of your strategy, you will consistently attract traffic to your affiliate links.

Consistently check the quality and increase content to your website/blog so that they remain fresh, rather than being left alone to die.

This regular maintenance of your website/blog content will ensure that your links and banners are unobtrusively monetizing each of the opportunities you offer.

Regularly check the search engines’ latest rules to ensure that you have the correct number of links and banners on each page. Too many will lead to your page being removed from the search engine and too few will leave the customer with few opportunities to make you money.

Add a forum to your website to include long-tail keywords to decrease your bounce rates. You will increase visitor time on site and build a trust community.

Continue your exploration of merchant offers

Once your website/blog is up and running, you will benefit from consistently finding more successful merchant affiliate products and services which can be added to your website or may replace those that they are proving unsuccessful.

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