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Easy or not so easy – You be the Judge

Maybe you are thinking it is not that easy to start a business with Instagram. ”With all the thousands of posts that are out there, it might be too crowded for me to get people to find and follow me”. Well, truth be told, it is easier than you might think. So how does one grow their Instagram business after they have their account setup with some pictures ready to go, but not many followers? There are several ways to do this.

First, do your research. One thing that attracts people to an image is colors. This is a known fact as many marketers will tell you. I know someone who sat in a seminar for marketing and they were literally blown away by what was said. Did you know that a yellow background with red font actually gets someone’s attention more than other colors used? Of course, this should not be a majority of what your posts look like, but when you want to place an ad on Instagram to attract a potential buyer to your affiliate link and offer, you may want to consider this. And do your research to see what other types of ads work.

Making a Picture Viral

It is important in this day and age to make images that people will share. I find the best way to do this is to make the picture funny and remember able. There are so many different types of pictures posted on Facebook that are colorful, have a funny saying and sometimes a cute animal. If you notice, you can see how many times they are shared – it’s quite mind blowing. Well think of that as a technique when creating an image for an ad, but of course make it something that will encourage the follower to click and look at your offer.

When someone sees something they like, they are more likely to share this with their friends. Sharing is the key to getting your affiliate or products out there. The more eyes that see it and like what they see, the more potential and actual buyers there will be. I’m sure this intrigues you as much as it did me.

You can make a Business Account

Yes, you can actually create an Instagram Business Account. Just sign up the way you normally would if you were creating an account for the first time. Make your username something related to your business. For instance if you are promoting Sporting Goods and more specifically fishing gear, then create a name that is something like “greatfishinggear” so people know this is where I get the awesome products for my fishing needs.

One thing I want to suggest is that you keep your business posts separate from your regular posts.

There is nothing more aggravating then when your friends want to promote something and all you see are ads trying to make you click here and there to buy something.

You will have fewer followers than you had before if you try that, so please keep this in mind. If you don’t want to see ads everywhere, then most likely, your social followers don’t want to either.

It is also important to keep the ad posts to a minimum. You may think, well then how am I supposed to get people to click on the ad? Like I said before, make it memorable and attractive. You can post once a day or a couple times a week. Nothing happens overnight, so be patient. When you have the right ads and strategy in place, you will begin to notice an influx of followers to your business and even regular Instagram account.

You can also let people know about your business on your regular account, but again don’t go overboard. If you follow these rules, you are sure to keep people liking, sharing, and following your posts.

Always Hashtag

Hashtag, if you didn’t know, started out as a typo. Someone wrote something on Twitter and had # before a word, and the hashtag was born. Now it is widely used on all Social Media to reference something important.

It is nothing super spectacular, but is so important these days. I am reminded of the commercial for Honda where they say Hashtag this and Hashtag that. Well you want to #keywords to encourage your followers to click and go to an offer. Make those words memorable and interesting so people will have a reason to click on them.

Also, a great way to use Hashtags is to include your business name. You can also link your business website to a Hashtag on your business Instagram or even personal account. You can also Hashtag your business Instagram to your personal account by saying something like “I caught a big fish the other day; want to know how I did it? Check out #bigfish.” Then it should direct them to a picture on your business Instagram of you showing off your catch.

Always include some personable material on your business account so people will take you as a real person and not someone who just wants you to buy from them. You can of course make your picture clickable so people can get the gear that helped you make your big catch. It is also a great way to motivate people to pick up a hobby, if they never fished before, and they can begin to purchase fishing gear from you!

Involve your Followers

Many times, people want to share their life with the world. When you have a business that has tons of followers, have your fans send you their funniest or cutest pictures to post on your Business Account.

When people see that there are others in the world that like your business and are promoted on your page, they are more likely to feel you care about people. I once heard someone say they saw their picture up on a website and were very excited about it.

They said “I will continue visiting this site and this is where I am going to keep buying my office supplies.” So do you think this strategy works? Put it to the test!

One more thing you can do is to like your followers’ photos and videos. If you aren’t doing this, they may forget about you or even worse, think you don’t care about them on a personal level.

Always be personable and think of others as you go about your day. When they see the likes from you, they will be more likely to remember your name and brand.

Also comment on their posts. Make sure when you do this, you are adding to the conversation. Most likely you do not want to promote your business in the comments. I see this all the time on YouTube where people comment on a video and put a link to their offer. This is SPAM and is very unwanted behavior.

There is no worse feeling than when someone wants to take everyone’s eyes off the post and go to another post. You would feel like you don’t matter enough, and so will they. And when someone comments about what you said, comment back. This will get the conversation going.

Be Authentic

People want to hang around someone who is real and not trying to be something they aren’t. This goes for when you are promoting something you are selling. Post a picture of you using a product you sell in an authentic manner. Sometimes people don’t think outside the box and you may have to encourage them to see the ways the product can be used.

If it is something that sparks their interest, you may just have a new customer. This is why using pictures and video are so important these days.

People like to see how it is done. Of course, you don’t always have to be so serious when promoting your products. Throw in a picture that shows the wrong way and then the right way to use the product. Write the word “fail” or “major fail” on the one photo and on the other photo show them the correct way to use it. You can get some laughs out of that and more followers and sharers.

Core Values are Important to People

What are your company core values?

Think about that and incorporate this into your posts. Do it in a story or as an event on your page.

Let people see visually what is most important to your business so they have more of a reason to like your brand and company.

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