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Chapter 1: About Spiritual Affirmations

Chapter 2: Spiritual Quotes

Chapter 3: Spiritual Affirmations

Chapter 4: Spiritual Affirmations In Specific Areas

Chapter 5: Conclusion

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Spiritual affirmations are merely favorable statements that draw on the power of The Higher Power to manifest whatsoever it is that you’re affirming (saying). By affirming what you wish to have occur in The Higher Power’s name, you’re effectively commanding the universe to ‘right the wrongs’, and giving it the The Higher Power-power needed to fulfill your request.. Get all the info you need here.

Spiritual Affirmations

The big book of affirmations from spiritual leaders

Chapter 1: About Spiritual Affirmations


The Higher Power gives us energy (spiritual energy) each day so that we may be co-creators with him. Utilizing this power to produce positive shifts in our world is precisely what we are intended to be exercising, and giving spiritual affirmations is one way to accomplish it. The Basics


We have been going against The Higher Power’s will by letting our negative thoughts and speech produce our damaging worlds (thoughts have power as well!). This is basically a misuse of the power he gave us and, by cosmic law, it has to end up in the return of damaging karma.

The great news?

We may make a different decision! We may utilize our freewill to arrive at a decision that does us good rather than harm. Quite merely, we may start to affirm the opposite.

So…let’s begin by coming to grips with the fundamental formula (and it truly is fundamental!)

OK, we’re kicking off with calling on the name of The Higher Power. That’s simple, right? The Higher Power is The Higher Power.

Well, yes and no. The Higher Power is The Higher Power, most unquestionably, however he likewise has many, many other names. So you might technically use any of them, to call on him. In the Bible: I AM THAT I AM is commonly written in capitals, which I trust is to

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