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Chapter 1: Solo Ad Basics

Chapter 2: The Benefits Of Solo Ads

Chapter 3: How To Use Solo Ads Correctly

Chapter 4: Making Money With Solo Ads

Chapter 5: Building You List With Solo Ads

Chapter 6: What To Watch Out For

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Solo ads are designed to basically promote a single ad to the subscribing list. These solo ads are often sent to all sources connected to the original feed with or without the recipients consent and can help bring you traffic.

Solo Ad Secrets

Using Solo Ads For Traffic

Chapter 1: Solo Ad Basics


Many advertisers consider this style of ads to be more engaging and focused when compared to other styles. The Basics

The effectiveness of the solo ads if well designed is said to be able to hold the recipient’s attention better than being bombarded with a variety of combined ads all at once.

However the down side is that not all recipients are interested or keen on receiving such ads and can even find it quite annoying as it is almost always unsolicited.

As the solo ads depend solely on the content and design, careful consideration should be given as to the best tag lines and art works that are going to eventually be part of the solo ad launched.

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