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Table of Contents

Plan sensibly ….. 3
Travel size items .. 3
Free toiletries from accommodation ……….. 3
Phone plan ………. 3
Credit card with no foreign exchange fees ………. 4
Credit card with free travel insurance ……… 4
Travel guides ……. 4
Accommodation ……… 4
House swap ……… 4
House sitting……… 4
Rent your home .. 4
Couch surfing …… 5
Hostels ……. 5
Sleep on trains and planes …… 5
Travel ….. 5
Join the Peace Corp …. 5
Teach English overseas 5
Apply for a fellowship … 5
Organise a tour group .. 5
Cruise ship crew . 5
Yacht crew ………. 6
Budget airlines …. 6
Student travel scholarship ……. 6
Transport vehicles for others … 6
Carpool ….. 7
Hitchhike … 7
Take advantage of off season rates 7
Weekdays often cheaper ……. 7
Casual work …… 7
Trade labour for accommodation … 7
Bar and hotel work …….. 7
Travelling Nanny . 7
Nanny …….. 8
Fruit and vegetable picking … 8
Volunteer ………. 8
Charity work overseas .. 8
Global treks for charity . 8
WWOOF …. 8
Work away ……….. 9
Other volunteer organisations 9
Food …… 9
Free breakfast offers ….. 9
Self contained accommodation …. 10
Use free coffee, tea and sugar supplied .. 10
Free food in Italy……….. 10
Don’t be afraid to ask for help …….. 10
Enter contests . 10
Conclusion ……… 11

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Join the Peace Corp

This can be a great way to see parts of the globe that no one else does as you travel to countries to help revitalise communities, villages and towns. The 27 month commitment may seem like a long time but you are young and want to travel so why not explore the advantages. Transport is free to and from countries, you are covered for medical and dental services, food and lodging is provided, you will have an intensive language course and any student loans may be deferred or even cancelled. You also have 48 days of free time to explore the country or area on your own.

Teach English overseas

When you apply and are accepted to teach English in a foreign country your travel and accommodation is provided for you. You can earn between $20,000 and $45000 US a year. You will need to stay for a set period of time and by earning money you can travel at the end of your tenure.

Apply for a fellowship

Students can travel to overseas places by applying ofr a scholarship to travel and study overseas. College graduates are able to apply in the US and other countries for a Rhodes scholarship or a Marshall Scholarship. Other skilled people such as artists, journalists, students and scholars can apply for a Fulbright Scholarship. These cover accommodation, food and travel and some other services along the way.

Organise a tour group

Form a tour group and organise a holiday for 20 of your friends. All you do is organise the holiday through a travel agency. Arrange the flights, transfers and accommodation and your trip is paid for. You don’t act as a tour guide you are just the tour group organiser.

Cruise ship crew

Apply to work on a cruise ship that is travelling the Pacific, the Caribbean or Mediterranean seas. You will need to have some sort of educational or entertainment skills to offer. Check with the cruise lines as some don’t give you much free time in ports to see the sights. This can be a good idea for short term travelling. You will usually sign on for the cruising season.

Yacht crew

Many large yachts that are cruising the world are looking for crew members with skills other than sailing. If you can offer culinary, mechanical, engineering or navigational skills apply to be crew member. Owners often move yachts around the world to rake advantage of weather or fishing conditions and the boat needs to be relocated. An extra pair of hands never goes astray.

Budget airlines

The budget airlines in Europe and North America offer cheap flights, so if you need to pay for travel take advantage of them.

Student travel scholarship

Apply to study for a year overseas to complete your degree. Travel and accommodation is provided and sometimes a daily allowance.

Transport vehicles for others

When people move to another country they don’t want to transport the car on a train or a truck. They will pay you to drive the car to their new destination. Some car rental companies need someone to drive the cars back from one way rentals.


If you plan on hiring a car for your travel look into others who can join you and share the travel costs. Alternatively you can join a car going in the same direction you are and pay towards the travel costs. Often this needs to be arranged before you go. Check out web sites, bulletin boards and hotels while you are away.


This mode of transport is still quite safe in some countries so don’t discount it.

Take advantage of off season rates

Try to use off season times to travel. Rates are cheaper and even though it may not be the time of year you want by travelling a few weeks earlier or later the fares are always cheaper.

Weekdays often cheaper

Travelling in a country is often cheaper by train, bus or plane on weekdays as they try to fill all of the seats. Even overseas travel can be cheaper as most people organise travel around a Monday to Friday working week.

Casual work

Trade labour for accommodation

Some hostels will let you trade work for accommodation. You need to make sure that the swap is at the correct rate as you don’t want to be working 12 hours a day for a night’s accommodation.

Bar and hotel work

Many young people travel the world by working as a casual in a bar or hotel. If you have some hospitality skills and like talking to people this could be for you.

Travelling Nanny

If you have experience as a babysitter uses it to travel the world. A lot of couples with young children look for a nanny while they are travelling. They could be going
for business or pleasure and you will have days off when you can explore the city or country you are in. If you have a second language this can be an advantage to getting a position.


A lot of families would rather host an overseas student or traveller to work as their nanny for a set period of time. This way you can earn money and travel at the same time.

Fruit and vegetable picking

Orchards and market gardens are great places for seasonal work and some provide accommodation. You can follow the seasons around the world, get paid and travel in the off seasons.


Charity work overseas

Volunteer to work on a development project in a third world country. Some organisations give you flights and accommodation in return for your time for 1 to 2 years. Some organisations look for people with specialist skills such as building, horticulture.

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