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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Social Site Gaming on Your Phone Basics
Chapter 2:
How to Use the Application Launcher
Chapter 3:
Facebook Farmville
Chapter 4:
Facebook Words with Friends
Chapter 5:
Social City
Chapter 6:
Finding Free Social Games
Chapter 7:
Being A Hero In Social Site Game
Chapter 8:
The Best Social Site Games
Chapter 9:
Learning To Separate These Games From Reality

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Ever since social sites were introduced to the public, many people became a fan of various social site games. In fact, millions of social site users are also taking advantage of the social site games that are made to provide fun and entertainment. If you are a social site gamer, there are several things that you need to know about social gaming. In this book, you will learn some known social site games and you will find out what it takes to be a hero in the world of social site gaming.

Chapter 1

Social Site Gaming On Your Phone Basics


Prior to the success of social sites, more and more people are becoming an addict of the games that were featured on such sites. Because of the demand, there are now lots of games that are being developed just to meet the needs of gamers and other people who want to have fun and be entertained through social site games. But, what is social site gaming? Why is it so popular?

Social Site Gaming Defined

Social games aren’t a new thing in today’s society. With the booming industry of social sites, there is no wonder why there are lots of people who are becoming social site gamers.

Social site gaming is a kind of gaming that is played on social sites like Facebook. Typically, games on this gaming form feature asynchronous and multiplayer gameplay mechanics. Social site games are commonly known as browser games, but ever since mobile devices were introduced in the market, these games are also implemented in these platforms.

Social site games are known for being one of the most popular types of games that are played across the world with millions of players. Some of the successful and first known games are Happy Farm, YoVille, Farm Town, Mob Wars, and Lil Green Patch. But, recently, CityVille, FrontierVille, Kantai Collection, and The Sims Social are the popular games in the world of social site gaming. Although social site games share lots of aspects of tranditional games, they have distinct features that make them exceptional.

Social site gaming on your phone are popular because many people spend most of their time on using smartphones rather than computers or laptops. In fact, it is predicted that billions of revenue is possible if users continue play games through their smartphones.

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