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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Social Bookmarking Basics
Chapter 2:
The Best Social Bookmarking Sites
Chapter 3:
The Difference Between Do Follow And No Follow
Chapter 4:
Learn The Difference Between Bookmarking Sites
Chapter 5:
Submit Your Content
Chapter 6:
The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking For Internet Marketing
Wrapping Up

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The social bookmarking tool plays a rather significant part in the web 2.0 platform. Being part of an online bookmarking service such as dig or reddit allows the individual to bookmark a particularly interesting content piece while surfing the internet.

The distinct difference between simply bookmarking and the social bookmarking tool would lie in the fact that the latter allows the material bookmarked to be shared with others instantaneously or at leisure.

Social Bookmarking Techniques

Network Marketing Tips for Social Bookmarking

Chapter 1:

Social Bookmarking Basics


Sharing can be done with the newly bookmarked content being with others who are using the same service thus creating a more interactive participation of various parties with like minded interests.
Being able to gain immediate access to the bookmarked material through the individual’s member’s account is also quite advantageous.

Passing on valuable and interesting content is definitely a plus point when using the social bookmarking tool to create a platform of interactive participation of sorts within like minded individuals.

The Basics

The social bookmarking tool is used quite extensively to build backlinks and promote sites. The webmasters find this a very effective style to use that is both easy and effective and get the desired results.
From a promotional point this tool works well when the bookmarked material on a site is then linked back to the individual’s site. This can then be viewed by others who can in turn lead referral traffic from the social bookmarking site.

Social bookmarking activities also add diversity to the link profile and this makes the link development more content rich and interesting.

Ideally this will cause the “buzz” that will attract the attention of other users thus elevating the site’s popularity effectively.

Social bookmarking can be used as part of a wide online promotional strategy but it should be done with caution so as not to contribute to a confusing and ill focused site.

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