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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Basics Of Snowboarding

Chapter 2: Riding With The Right Equipment

Chapter 3: Choosing The Right Clothing And Accessories

Chapter 4: Getting Started With The Basic Moves

Chapter 5: The Correct Riding Stance And Position

Chapter 6: Mastering Major Snowboarding Moves

Chapter 7: Getting More Fun With Riding Powder

Chapter 8: What Is The Backcountry

Chapter 9: Learning The Advanced Free Style Spin

Chapter 10: Must Know Safety Tips For Snowboarding

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Riding With The Right Equipment


Choosing the right equipment often is the defining point in actually getting to enjoy the chosen sport to the maximum.

The wrong choice could either hamper the user’s enthusiasm for the sport or cause the user to encounter many uncomfortable situations and perhaps even injury.

The following is a recommended list of the ideal equipment choice that would be suitable for the optimal snowboarding experience:

The Right Stuff

Snowboard boots – this would probably be the most important piece of equipment the snowboarder would have to use. When buying the boots the user would have to look into the fit and ensure it is as comfortable as possible. Getting good deals is a good idea but not necessarily contributes towards getting a good part of snowboarding boots. For those who are really serious about the snowboarding experience, custom making the snowboard boot would be a likely choice, especially if there is no budget to infringe the possibility.

Snowboarding bindings – the snowboard bindings are the only things that actually connect the user to the snowboard. Taking the time to learn and understand the different types of bindings will help the user make a more informed choice. The quality of the bindings also figures into the overall quality of the snowboard, thus affecting the actual snowboarding experience.

Accessories too should get an adequate amount of attention. Choosing the correct helmet, goggles, stomp pads and even the lock for the snowboard is important. Some snowboard users may even consider acquiring equipment that would help them enhance their balance and skills for the sport. The more popular choice would be the balance boards which are often used as an off season training tool. However because of its rather slim size, some caution should be exercised when using this particular piece of accessory..

Chapter 3: Choosing The Right Clothing And Accessories


Understanding the various accessories and their individual contributions to the snowboarding experience would help the individual make better and more informed choices.

The following items should probably be considered as good and useable additions to acquire for the suitable accessories and clothing choice:


The most important accessory to have for snowboarding would be the standard, three quarter shell snowboard helmet. This will help to protect the top, sides and back of the head. The snowboard helmet liners usually are made from light but still styro-foam material called EPS foam. Most of the snowboard helmets are bucket shaped and with a hard exterior shell, which is usually made of ABS plastic, polycarbonate plastic, fiberglass composite or carbon fiber.

Gloves or mittens are another accessory to consider for both comfort and quality. Mittens generally are a better choice as they have better water resistant qualities. This is due to the fact that mittens have fewer seams which mean less likelihood of water seeping in. keeping the fingers together within the mitten also creates better warmth. The inner liner will also help to keep away any internal moisture or perspiration that might result from constant wear.

A good snowboarding jacket should be loose enough to be comfortable without weighing down the user or restricting movement in any way. Picking one that is slightly longer in style would help to ensure the user is kept warm and dry at all times. The jacket cuffs should have a good around the wrists to ensure proper sealage and for keeping out the snow. Everything would ideally be water proof for obvious reasons. Keeping the cold and dampness away from the body would help to keep the user both comfortable and in good health..

Chapter 4: Getting Started With The Basic Moves


Getting started in almost any sport would ideally require some knowledge of the basics of that sport. This would help to give the individual some insight into the activity and thus bring on the interest to take up the sport.

The following are some of the basic moves that an individual would probable adapt when embarking on the snowboarding sport:

The Moves

The Ollie – this movement would involve the jumping off of the snow and landing smoothly without crashing. This is quite easy to do if the course chosen is a fairly easy one and the hill used is also easy to jump off.

The wheelie – this move is similar to the Ollie move but with a slight difference, where only one side of the snowboard comes off the snow. For some this is considered a much simpler move, however in essence it would mean the redistribution of weight and a little more balance.

The nose and tail toll – here the individual will simply switch the direction faced by flipping the snowboard 180 degrees, but the challenge in this move is to be able to maintain balance and avoid a crash.

The side turns – this move is usually executed when on an uphill movement or a half pipe movement. Once at the top the individual would essentially flip the board and go back down the other way. The maneuver must be done in a way that keeps the snowboard and the user looking as one fluid piece.

Nollie – this would basically mean a movement similar to that of the Ollie but executed in the opposite motion. The movement would require the jump to be made on the opposite side of the beard leading rather than vice versa.

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