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Interviewer: Arthur [Daley] the Sports Columnist said that golf is like a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously it’s not any fun; if you do take it seriously it will break your heart. Well the sport of golf continues to grow in popularity and more and more enthusiasts are looking for ways to improve their golfing skills while still enjoying the great fun that chasing that tiny little ball around a course has to offer.

Here to talk about just that is Michael Robichaud, PGA professional and Manager of the Ranch Gold Club in Southwick, Massachusetts. Welcome Michael….

Michael Robichaud: Hello; how are you?

Interviewer: I’m so happy to have you here. The–the Ranch Golf Club is relatively new.

Michael Robichaud: Yes; we opened in July 2001; it’s a daily fee upscale course. We actually were ranked the third best new upscale course in the country by Golf Digest in 2002 and ranked in the best in State in Massachusetts, so it’s a great property, a beautiful unique property; it is an old New England dairy farm with three beautiful Victorian barns that we’ve renovated into our clubhouse complex and it’s a beautiful experience.

Interviewer: Definitely a must-visit for golfers?

Michael Robichaud: Yes.

Interviewer: So Mike, you’ve–have worked with a lot of golfers of varied skill levels. Is it possible to take the game seriously and still have a good time out there?

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