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There you go, you got 7 great services worth offering. Of course, you want to educate yourself to offer those services correctly. Just a quick search on the WF will allow you to learn about these things and how to offer them.

I don’t want to make this WSO about what to offer because I know the hardest struggle for most people right now is more so about what to do to GET CLIENTS.

I have made countless WSOs about landing clients, but this one is definitely different and takes on a new approach to get clients. Do you want to know what it is?

Let’s get started

Step One – Find Clients

I am not going to elaborate on this because it is very simple to find clients. You can go to Yelp, any review websites, and even on Google searching for “Restaurants in (city/county)” I highly recommend using the website Groupon for finding clients, not because it is easy to find businesses, but mainly because it is so hard to find targeted leads of business owners who are seriously interested in.

If you are on Groupon, just remember when contacting the businesses that they are very much knowledgeable about online marketing or any form of advertising.

They put the time in to put their business on Groupon, so not only are they targeted leads and businesses, but they are business owners who know how powerful the Internet is. Offering them services is great because of how targeted they are.

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