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1. Introduction

In this complete guide of simple SEO success techniques I will try to cover the all basic SEO techniques that you can use to start your successful WordPress blog. For those who know nothing at all even if they don’t know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization can be very successful WordPress bloggers following this complete guide. By using these simple SEO techniques, you can improve your site’s position naturally. WordPress is currently one of the most used and powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) on internet. It is the best content management systems suitable for SEO as well. But having WordPress installed is not enough; it is advisable to follow a series of guidelines for more optimized SEO for WordPress. SEO is undoubtedly one of the main sources of organic traffic (traffic from search engines) that can be found on the Internet. There are countless blogs related to techniques, strategies, tricks and all sorts of information on how to be in the top spots in major search engines especially on Google.

Much of this content is related to “external” aspects of SEO, as there are tricks to generate links, creating networks of blogs, how to create quality content to attract readers, tricks to avoid being penalized by Google, how to be immune to updates of search engines and more.

All this information is very good and definitely helpful. But before focusing on this, we should start with the basics: a good internal configuration. We hope this WordPress SEO guide will help you in ranking your website, so we should start it now.

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