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This course discusses various search engine tools, what they can do, and whether they are effective.

That’s because search engines have gone from being an interesting stop on the World Wide Web to the very lifeblood of countless net-based businesses.

Before we start looking at individual tools, let’s take a moment to consider why mastering search engines is so incredibly crucial in the first place. That all starts with a basic understanding of how to succeed online.

In order to successfully operate an online enterprise, you need to have a few things in place.

First, there’s the website. This is the page, or collection of pages, visitors will see. It will showcase the content designed to convince them to make a purchase or to undertake some other action designed to produce a profit for the webmaster.

Second, there’s the means of monetization of that site. You have to have some way to make that website pay. You might be selling your own product or service. You could sell someone else’s product as an affiliate, working for a commission. You might use your site as a kind of online billboard, displaying advertising that produce earnings based upon users’ interaction with the ads.

For our purposes here, it doesn’t matter what you do. It’s just essential to note that you have to do something.

Finally, you need visitors. The greatest pages with the most spectacular offers are completely worthless if no one sees them. Online business lives and dies based on traffic.

Any traffic is better than no traffic at all, but targeted traffic represents the holy grail of Internet business.

Webmasters want to attract visitors with a specific interest in the kind of product or service being offered. If they can get that kind of “prequalified” visitor flow, it’s much easier to log sales.

This is where we become interested in search engines. In fact, we become very interested. Search engines are an awesome means of delivering that top-notch targeted traffic.

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