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Day camp will usually be such a whirl of activities that it won’t give them time to miss you. As mentioned earlier, it will have a structured timetable similar to what they are used to at school. Sleepaway camp will be similar in some ways. The main difference is they will be there at night and throughout the weekend as well. Some camps maintain a schedule all seven days of the week. Others might give the students a lighter day on Saturday or Sunday, and supervised free time to get laundry and shopping done, and so on.

In terms of sleepaway camp, the biggest challenge for your child will usually be that things are not exactly the way they are used to having them at home. A tour of the facility will get them use to the idea of living in a cabin, tent or teepee. Most of the camp staff are familiar with homesickness and adjustment issues, and the best ways to handle it.

In most cases, camps will have rules about mobile phone use and spending time online. It is discouraged because they want children to take part and interact with each other. In the case of sleepaway camp, they also want the children to become used to things and immerse themselves in the camping experience. They will often ban communication with home for the first week to help with this.

The cellphone and media ban may worsen the homesickness. On the other hand, it might also stop both parents and children from getting into a tizzy over how different things are from home. Children will probably complain about their bed, food, the weather, and other things that might make the parents feel guilty or powerless to help. But parents should also keep in mind their child’s personality. Are they generally picky about their food, or like to have things just so? In this case they are probably going to complain about things no matter what.

If they are used to having their own room at home and everything done for them, having to share a cabin or tent with others and do their own laundry and other chores might be a real shock. However, it can also be a real blessing – teaching the child responsibility and not to take everything for granted. It also teaches them the importance of cooperating with others in order to create and maintain a harmonious living environment.

There’s not much you can do about the weather while they are away, but if you have packed carefully for all contingencies, your child should be safe, comfortable and warm if the weather is cold or cool, and protected from the sun if the summer weather is extremely hot.

Helicopter parents may find the thought of sending their child away to summer camp almost unbearable, but after the initial shock to the system, they will usually start to appreciate just how much freedom they will gain from their camp-going child being away from home and exposed to a range of new and interesting experiences.

A specialized camp in particular will be expensive, but will also give the child a lot of individualized attention and increased skills that parents themselves might not be able to offer if the child stayed home with them.

Any parents who have ever been to summer camp themselves will usually recall their experiences fondly. Your child might have separation anxiety and/or homesickness, or be painfully shy, but trained staff are always on hand who know exactly how to deal with these issues. In this way, your child will be able to make a gradual but successful transition into a well-rounded, independent and capable young adult.

Summer camp offers many advantages for children, but they do come at a cost. Let’s look next at how to manage the expense of sending the kids to camp.


Some parents compare getting their child into summer camp to trying to secure them a college place. Depending on where you live, there might be very few choices for camp, and the spots available will fill up fast. This will be particularly true if you wish to apply for a scholarship for your child to attend.

Scholarships are based on financial need in most cases, but can sometimes be given to campers they would really like to have attend. This will often be the case with repeat campers they would wish to have return year after year, especially with a view to becoming a camp counsellor one day.

If your child is completely new to the camping experience, they might offer a partial scholarship as an incentive for them to try it to see how they like it. If you are sending more than one child, you should be offered a discount. If your child is going with friends, they could get a group discount.

Some camps base their pricing on the age of the children, with the younger ones usually costing less than older children. Older children use more facilities, get more excursions, and so on. Younger children will require more counsellors for more supervision, but they will often be given nap time and arts and crafts time rather than very vigorous activities. Check the pricing structure carefully and see if it is worth it based on how old your children are.

Some camps will offer assistance in tiers, from a small discount to full scholarships depending on need. At the Y, for example, scholarships can be made available thanks to donations from the public and from other parents as well. Campers who go back the following year will sometimes be given the same price as the previous year, since they are camp alumni so to speak.

Counselling in training or CIT programs can also make camp more affordable for your older, responsible teen. In most cases, they will offer a substantial discount off the usual fees. In others, they might waive the fee completely, or offer a weekly stipend.

If it is a sleepaway camp, this can offer a huge savings, since it represents accommodation and all meals for however long the summer camp will last, usually eight weeks. If your child really loves the camping experience, this can be an ideal way for them to have fun in the summer and get real work experience at the same time.

There are several other considerations which can add to or cut the cost of camping. Ask what insurance and other fees are required, such as for uniforms, photos and so on. Most camps will include these in the price, but if they are charged separately, you might be able to cut your costs and still ensure your child has a great time.

In terms of affordability, the Y camps offer good value. The prices vary from center to center depending on the facilities. They have now started offering specialized camps as well. In case you are thinking you might not be able to afford the perfect camp for your child, think again. Even the specialized ones may be more affordable than you think.

The main thing is to apply as early as possible once the centers start enrollment, for both a place and a scholarship. Even a partial scholarship can make camp more affordable.

One other important pricing factor will be early drop-off and late pick-up. Many camps run the same hours as school, or perhaps until 4 pm. If you want to drop your child off well before the start time and not pick them up until 6, this will add to the cost. However, it can be a lot cheaper than having to arrange for a childminder or run yourself ragged trying to get back and forth to work in relation to the camp times.

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