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Self-regulation and Private speech

There are several studies that have dealt with the use of private speech in adults and its application to learning. These studies have used private speech to assist adults in improving their performance in several tasks. The term private speech is seldom used in reference to adults however and the term that is often preferred in self-talk or voice dialog. To understand this mechanism we must review the processes of using the simple elements.

This process is the utilization of simple statements that can be used to control behavior and this may be through the guidance or even management of emotions of the individual. It has been seen that the use of this action as a form of therapy has been seen to positively affect performance. When people talk when they are doing a task there performance is enhanced. The words spoken can often be classified into some standard categories related to the type of thoughts that are verbalized.

There are five main types of verbalizations that are observed in adults and that are believed to aid in the increase of performance. These include the use of repetition, answering your own questions, read to yourself, describing the activity and guiding yourself along and inaudible utterances. These vocalizations will be the ones that are most found in adult private speech. There are other types of vocalizations but those are found more in children rather than adults.

You may use self-talk to benefit you in a variety of tasks and this also includes dealing with stress. The approach that is followed with self-talk can greatly aid in the alleviation of stress. This can provide a different approach to dealing with stress. Stress is dealt with in a more logical fashion rather than the typical emotional approach. You are able to focus your energy and deal with the root cause of the problem through logical thinking.

Problems of low self-esteem can also be handled by the use of self-talk. You can learn about yourself and learn to like yourself as well. Self-talk can increase self-awareness. It can improve our outlook of ourselves and direct us to more positive action. Self-talk is one of the major ways that we can overcome nervousness and anxiety in stressful situations and remain grounded and logical.

Self-talk can also work in improving the ways that we interact with others. It is often important that we are calm when we attempt to socialize. If we are unable to relax we will not attract bonding but in fact discourage it. This means that self-talk is an essential part of the equation towards the improvement of our social interactions as well. It is essential in life to be able to get along with people. If we are unable to accomplish this we will not be able to progress in life. We will not function at full capacity on the job or even in our personal interactions. It is essential that we learn to interact with others properly. All these reasons make self-talk a great tool.

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