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Table of Contents

Introduction . 5
Chapter 1 – What Is Your “Why”? 8
Choose A Feasible Goal 10
Specify Your Goal 12
Visualize Your Goal . 13
Visualize The Process 14
Chapter 2 – Self-Accountability and Making Yourself Accountable To Others 17
Self-Accountability . 18
Accountability To Others 21
Chapter 3 – Building Good Habits Lead To Good Self-Discipline . 23
Good vs Bad Habits . 24
The Morning Ritual Habit . 28
Chapter 4 – Removing Obstacles to Disciplining Yourself 31
The Common Obstacles You Must Fight Against . 33
Chapter 5 – Taking Care of Your Body Is Necessary To Build Self-Discipline . 38
Eat Healthy 39
Exercise Regularly . 40
Get A Good Night’s Sleep 41
Avoid Getting Stressed Out 42
Chapter 6 – Stress and Self-Discipline 44
Good Stress vs Bad Stress 45
The Role Of Self-Discipline In Managing Stress . 47
Chapter 7 – Why You Need To Set Boundaries and Start Saying “No” Today . 50
Setting Boundaries For Yourself 51
Saying “No” Is A Shortcut To Your Success . 52
Put Yourself Above Others . 54
Chapter 8 – Your Fears and How You Self-Sabotage Your Self-Discipline Efforts 56
Conquering Your Fear Of Failure . 57
Overcoming Your Fear Of Success 59
Stop Sabotaging Yourself 61
Chapter 9 – Standing Firm and Staying Committed To Your Goal 63
The Power Of Perseverance 64
Staying Committed To Your Goal . 66
Chapter 10 – Rewarding Self-Discipline 68
A Fitting Reward 69
Delaying Gratification . 72
Conclusion 75

Sample Content Preview

Is it even feasible? Is it something you can possibly hope to do within the timeframe you’ve specified? If you’ve assessed your goal properly and you’ve done the mental gymnastics to confirm it is indeed feasible for you, then congratulations. You’ve done a great job with the first step!

If you think you made a mistake setting the goal and you don’t think it’s feasible at all, you’re welcome to back out or cross it out of your list and replace it with a more realistic goal. There’s no need to push yourself into doing something that’s highly improbable or even impossible for you to achieve.

Some people may say nothing is impossible. But I beg to disagree. We are not created equal. We all know for a fact that some people have more financial resources than others. Some are just naturally athletic. Some will always be better looking than the people around them. Others still are just really blessed to not have to work hard for something that other people need to work their backsides off for! They are the lucky ones, the exceptions to the rule. They’ve been given a natural head start whether they like it or not (though I’m pretty sure they like it just fine!).

Specify Your Goal

Now that you know your goal is realistic and can be done within your specified timeframe, you need to ask yourself if your goal is specific enough.

Some goals are just too general, like for example, wanting to be rich or wanting to be thin in 6 months. These are just generic goals. Anyone can work towards these goals but what does it really mean for you?

To make sure your goal sticks in your mind, to make it appear real, you need to make your goal as specific as possible.

Don’t just say you want to lose weight. For women, you can say something along these lines (if you’re a guy, simply skip to the next example below):

“I’ll do whatever it takes to lose 10 pounds by December so I can wear that hot, red dress I saw today at the shopping mall. My belly won’t sag and I’ll look perfect in that dress. I’ll have my hair made up in a beehive because that’s the kind of hairdo that would look great with that dress. Oh, and I’ll wear my black stiletto too and my feet won’t hurt like it does now because I’d lose all the excess weight!”

Be honest, when you read that paragraph it painted a pretty picture on your mind, didn’t it? And you can see yourself wearing that red dress!

For the guys reading this eBook, your specific goal can be something like this:

“I’ll lose the flab around my belly in 8 months. I’ll exercise every day. I’ll lift weights, do plenty of cardio, and box with somebody in the gym. In 8 months, my girlfriend/wife will be proud of me, I’ll be proud of myself, and we can go to the beach and people will marvel at my well-sculpted body”.

The examples I’ve given above sounds so much better than just saying the generic, “I want to lose weight.” A generic goal is not going to drive you to change your habits but a highly specific goal will be.

Visualize Your Goal

At this point, you now know your goal is feasible and specific enough. To make it come to life, you need to visualize your goal. Yes, in the previous section, you saw the goal come to life in your mind’s eye but in this section, you need to make the vision tangible.

You need to put your goal on paper. You need to transfer the vision you saw in your mind to paper. You can look for high-quality photos of your goal. Say, for example, if your goal is to move into your dream house with a red roof and a blue fence within 5 years, you can look for images online of houses with similar characteristics. If you can’t find a suitable image online, consider having it drawn or painted professionally. Ask the artist to make your vision as realistic as possible. When we say realistic, make it so that you can imagine feeling and even smelling your dream house just by looking at its drawing or painting.

Then, to never lose sight of your goal, make sure you put the printout/drawing/painting in an area of your house which you frequent such as your bedroom or your home office. Maybe even the kitchen. Basically anywhere you can see your ‘dream house’ so you’re always reminded of what you’re aiming to achieve in the near future.

Visualize The Process

In the previous section, I’ve shown you how to visualize your goal to make it seem tangible and within arms’ reach. In this section, I’ll show you another powerful technique you can use to make your goal even more achievable and more realistic.

This technique is similar to the previous one, however, instead of visualizing the goal, you’ll be visualizing the process of achieving your goal.

In our previous example, our goal was to buy our dream house in 5 years. Using this method, what you need to do first is you need to plan out the process or the steps you need to take so you can buy your dream house.

You can say that in order to achieve this goal, you’d need to work hard so you can get a promotion at work and get a raise, then you’ll be able to save more money to afford a down payment on the house.

You can then print out images of an ecstatic person finally getting promoted at work and an image of a truckload of money to represent the amount which you’ll need to save so you can buy your house.

This process-oriented visualization technique is extremely powerful because it helps prepare your mind for the challenges you’ll be facing.

Yes, you want the house but you know (and you’re ready) to do a great job at work and save up some serious cash so you can pay for your new house!

As you’ve learned in this chapter, knowing and visualizing your “why” takes a lot of self-discipline as the entire process is very detail-oriented. It takes a special kind of discipline to unearth and uncover the specifics of your “why” which will ultimately be the foundation for realizing your long-term goals.

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