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One of the biggest problems online businesses encounter is when a user goes through many pages and is about to buy but bales up. For whatever reason, the person has filled up a shopping cart or has gone to a sign-up page and changes his or her mind at the last minute.

Facebook has an amazing technology called Ad Retargeting that can help you remind that person to come back to where they were. In fact, this technology is so robust that you can remind people to go back to their shopping cart or, if they are reading a piece of content, go to the next piece of content that they may have overlooked. Maybe they were reading a piece of content that people about to convert would normally read, then you would show them an ad that goes to your conversion page. Whatever the case may be ad retargeting drives people back to your website, and this can help you close the deal and improve your ROI.

If you’re not on Facebook currently, please understand that for every day you postpone your start, your competitors are learning how to target your audience members. They’re learning how to market their stuff better. In other words, this is an opportunity cost and the potential loss for your business gets bigger and bigger every passing day. You’re just making it all that much harder for your business to catch up.

Did you know that if you have a small business and you already have local customers that come back again and again, they may be all you need to succeed with local marketing on Facebook. That’s right.

How? Well, when you market to your existing local customer base, that you have a Facebook page and you engage with them on Facebook, your content might lead to their local friends and friends of friends. In other words, your brand becomes more visible in your local area of coverage because it’s spread by people you already do business with.

The best part to all of this is that this is absolutely free. You just need to engage with your existing customer base on Facebook. Maybe you can run a special discount promo campaign or a discount code that they can find on Facebook and redeem offline.

Whatever the case may be by creating a tight link between your brick-and-mortar engagement with your customer base and your Facebook presence, you can spread the influence of your brand on Facebook, which can translate to new flesh-and-blood customers physically showing up at your business’ doors.

Let’s get one thing clear. To sell anything online, you must first get people to trust you. For people to trust you, they must first like you. For them to like you, they must first feel that they know enough about the problem. Do you see how this works?

The best way to walk people through this conversion process is through content. When you market on Facebook, you can actually try out different content ideas. The good news is not all of them have to be hits. In fact, most of them can be failures, and that’s perfectly okay.

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