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Search Engine Usage Statistics & Facts

As of January 2011, there were 273,301,445 websites. This represents a 156% increase in 4 years.

Worldwide internet traffic grew 62% in 2010.

As of April 2011, the Google search engine still dominates with approximately 67% of all U.S. search traffic. Yahoo gets approximately 15% and Bing gets approximately 12%.

Google supplies search results to some of the largest Internet search engines. This means if you have #1 ranking on Google, you most likely will have a #1 ranking on Yahoo, AOL, and Bing too.

It is really hard to reach the today’s customers through a newspaper, a phone book, or even a television advertisement. Most people go online to search for local businesses today.

A new study has determined that search engines have beat the printed yellow pages when it comes to the number of people looking for local information. It also found that online searchers are more likely to convert into sales.

I’ve studied the various ways and there are basically just four ways of making online videos. They are:

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