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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Top Health Benefits of Running – It’s Not Just About
Weight Loss!….9
Why Running is THE Number One Way to Lose Weight.9
The Many Other Benefits of Running…..12
Chapter 2: Why Aren’t You Running Yet? Overcoming Obstacles and
Becoming a Runner…….17
Where Most New Runners Go Wrong…18
Your First Run And Your New Program…….20
Correct Goal Setting……22
Chapter 3: Your Running Kit – Crucial Clothes and Accessories for
Getting More From Runs..24
Running Watches and Fitness Trackers…..26
Chapter 4: Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Gait and Avoiding
Some Common Injuries and How to Avoid Them32
Chapter 5: Correct Running Technique Explained! (And a Primer on
Barefoot Running)…35
How the Tarahumara Run…….37
How to Switch to a More Minimal Running Style..38
Chapter 6: How to Lose Weight With Running…40
Combining Your Running With the Right Diet.42
Chapter 7: HIIT Versus Steady State Cardio.46
The Fat Burning Zone – Fact or Myth?.46
What is Interval Training…47
Chapter 8: Marathon Training 101…49
Chapter 9: Advanced Techniques – Fasted Cardio, Trail Running,
Resistance and Going Barefoot.53
Fasted Cardio….53
Running Off Road…54
Lactate Threshold…55
Chapter 10: A Recipe for Running Success..57
Conclusion and Closing Comments…..60

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Chapter 1: The Top Health Benefits of Running – It’s Not Just About Weight Loss!

So a good place to start is with why you should run in the first place. And the big reason for a lot of people reading this is going to be that whole ‘weight loss thing’ that we talked about. Simply put, running is THE number one way to lose weight…

Why Running is THE Number One Way to Lose Weight That sounds like a bold claim, so let’s back it up.

And to do that, we’ll start by assessing how anyone goes about losing weight ever. What is the key to weight loss?

Actually, there is one very simple equation when it comes to losing weight – and that is that you have to consume fewer calories than you burn.

When you eat food, your body absorbs the nutrients to help support various processes in the body and it absorbs glucose in order to provide useable energy. That glucose moves around the blood stream and when you move, breathe or run it is sent to muscles and the organs in order to give you the energy you need.

But what if you are just lying around and you’re left with energy left over? In that case, the sugar is converted into fat and is stored around the body under the skin. This is what makes us look less attractive and what can also cause numerous health problems.

On the other hand, if you need more energy that is available to you, then your body will have to look toward its existing fat stores. It will then put you in an aerobic state, meaning that oxygen will be sent to the fat stores and will break down the fat to provide you with more energy.

All this happens on a moment to moment basis but the best way for us to monitor it is to look at our daily total. That means we need to look at our daily calorie intake and our daily calorie burn in order to work out the difference.

What you’ll be left with is either a ‘calorie deficit’ or a ‘calorie surplus’. A surplus means that you have left over energy that the body is going to store as fat. A deficit means that you used more than you burned, so you’re going to have removed some of your fat. It’s a little like writing a budget but instead of trying to save money, you’re trying to lose calories.

So where does running fit in? It actually plays an important role for all kinds of reasons but the most simple and straightforward to understand is this: running burns a lot of calories. In fact, a forty minute run will help you to burn something like 500-800 calories. That’s a huge amount and more than you could probably burn with any other form of exercise.

And to put this in perspective, most people will naturally aim to consume around 2,000-2,500 calories in a day. That means that running for just one hour can burn somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3rd of your total calorie count. That’s a big difference and it’s enough to make a significant impact even just twice a week.

There are actually more efficient ways to lose weight with running specifically though. We’ll talk about that more in a future chapter but just know – you can burn through a lot of calories.

But there’s more to this as well. Because if you look online for dieting, you’ll find that there’s a lot of debate as to whether this whole ‘calorie counting’ strategy will really work. Some people say it’s too simplistic and it’s more important to focus on the type of calorie you eat and things like hormones. Their view is that you can’t accurately track calories and that some people will burn more calories than others owing to metabolic differences. Maybe you have more testosterone, maybe you have more T3, maybe you have a slow thyroid.

And this makes a lot of sense if you look at someone who uses anabolic steroids, or someone who does have hyper or hypothyroidism. Even someone with diabetes or insulin resistance. Hormones really do make a difference and calorie counting on its own doesn’t account for this. These individuals focus on things like low carb diets because they believe they can control insulin and other hormonal responses that way.

What’s the truth here? Well, both camps have their points and again we’ll get to this in a future chapter. But what really matters is that it’s immaterial – because running helps you lose weight in this way too. When you run, your body will release a number of hormones like adrenaline and mysotatin which will help you to break down fat and tissue. What’s more, is that your body will become more energy efficient, so that even when you’re sleeping, you’ll be burning more fat. This will also be helped by the increase in muscle tone in your stomach and calves and your elevated VO2 max. We’ll get into all this later.

But basically, running has the short term effect of burning lots of calories and the long term effect of helping you to alter your metabolism and your hormonal makeup so that you will always be burning through more calories than you previously were…

The Many Other Benefits of Running

But fitness shouldn’t just be about losing weight. In fact, this is where a lot of people will go wrong. If you simply aim to lose weight, then you’ll find you can quickly become disheartened and you can make some bad choices regarding your diet and your training.

Instead, all forms of fitness and training should be aimed at feeling better and being healthier. Because when you do that, you will find it much easier to stick at what you do and you’ll find that your body changes to look the way you want it to almost as a side effect. Don’t run to look good – just enjoy the fact that it happens!

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