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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Background and His Plan

Chapter 2:
Benefits Of Being A Blessing To Others

Chapter 3:
Becoming A Blessing

Chapter 4:
Be A Blessing One Person At A Time

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Earlier, we talked about God’s design for us, i.e. to bless us to become a blessing to other people. Now, we’ll talk about the Advantages of becoming a blessing. This will answer our enquiry, “what’s in it for me in becoming a blessing”?

Before we go to the particulars of becoming a blessing, we have to comprehend that God configured the whole system of seeding and harvesting with a win – win state of affairs. It was not designed to be only in favor of one side.

Do It Right

God ensures that the whole system works for the advantage of everyone. Is this out of the question? The fact is, it did occur in the life of the first church that “no one is in need”.


All the worshipers were one in heart and mind. No one laid claim that any of his possessions was his own, but they portioned out everything they had. There were no needy individuals amidst them. For from time to time those who possessed lands or homes sold them, brought the income from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was dispensed to anybody as he had need.

As a consequence, of becoming one in heart and mind, they attempt to share “everything they have”, and as a consequence, “there were no needy individuals among them”, everyone savored the blessings God provided them. This is supposed to be the primary rule in possession by the whole system, not limited to a few individuals, which was really abided by in practice, as may be seen historically. Now, you might see with the world’s positions that those individuals, who gave, lost something. To the contrary, the passage didn’t mention about losing something for those individuals who gave.

Now, let us go to the Advantages of becoming a blessing:

Advantage 1: You acquire friends

Becoming a blessing helps us to acquire more friends. The more you give, the more you’ll have friends. Attempt to look at those individuals who don’t understand how to give. They’re those who have fewer friends. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to have a friend, if we don’t understand how to unselfishly share our things and blessings with them.

Did you ever see those individuals who never gave such that as a result they’ve few friends? I’ve seen individuals who are almost like a parasite who wishes to be blessed, but never became a blessing. Leechlike takers, not vitalizing sharers!! All of us ought to bear in mind that we must be a blessing to other people. Occasionally, individuals only self-centeredly consider themselves and think that they need to blessed but not become a blessing to other people. Trying to be blessed only for one’s selfish reasons isn’t the way to be blessed; it’s thinking how to become a blessing to other people.

Advantage 2: you’ll have a great harvest in the future

The more we sow, the more we harvest. This isn’t only true in the Scripture, but this is likewise so clearly true in reality, as may be clearly seen in farming. We must sow more seeds well in order for us to get more great harvests to bless many.

No one reaps plentifully with a small number of seeds sown. This is a truth that many individuals are not able to comprehend well. As long as we don’t absolutely comprehend and practice the true meaning of giving, our harvests will always be lesser than what we’re supposed to have.

Humans are by nature self- centered and self-focused. We wish to use up things only for our own selfish selves that weren’t intended for us. We wish to spend things only for our own selfish selves, while it was intended for us to sow blessings to others. This is why a lot of our fellow humans are exceedingly in dire need, because of their egocentric thinking of self-preservation. They only wish to reap, but never wished to sow. How may they reap if they do not sow!

Advantage 3: You exercise obedience to Christ

Becoming a blessing is a loving obedience to Christ. Jesus kept instructing His disciples to learn how to become generous at all times. Again, generosity is among the main themes in the Scripture, as an outward expression of love for other people.

Advantage 4: Brimming over blessings

It’s really clear that God blesses those who faithfully give. Among the main reasons why many individuals are in extreme poverty is because abundant blessings don’t come to those people who haven’t been faithful in giving.

Becoming a blessing indeed calls forth many Advantages more than we may grasp or imagine. Divinities economy is totally opposite to our economy. If we really are concerned about getting blessings, perhaps we need to begin being a blessing.


We already understand that becoming a blessing to other people is the higher power’s aim for every single human. We likewise understand that the higher power didn’t only make this system to work altogether for his own benefit, but we have seen that He blessed humankind first and that he ceaselessly blesses those who bless other people.

All the same, there are still lots of individuals who are having difficulty in executing this noble thing.

How To

Please observe that not forgetting yourself is the elemental hindrance to becoming a blessing. This is the main reason why we can’t become a blessing to other people is because of too much love for self. Becoming a blessing is more about forgetting your own self and giving the rest to other people.

Forget yourself and learn to love God first and last:

Occasionally, even Christians fail to love God first and last. They provide too much importance to the blessing rather than to the presenter of the blessings. Scripture reminds us remind us that we don’t have to worry about anything, but we must seek first his kingdom.

Forget you and learn to love your neighbor:

If self blocks us in loving God, the same self, blocks us in loving our neighbors. Among the reasons why we can’t give to those who are in need is too much love for self.

Let us observe that loving our neighbor is the 2nd great commandment. Occasionally, people have no issue in giving something to God, but they’ve an issue in becoming generous to other people.

Let’s be truthful, becoming generous to other people is a lot harder to work on sometimes. Seeing the higher power as our creator, and recognizing that we owe something to Him, makes it easier for us to give to Him. But how about in the cases were we don’t owe anything to our neighbor?

How may we ever give to somebody that perhaps owes something to us? This is why it’s hard to work on this sort of generosity. But if we only look down deeper in our hearts, becoming generous even to those who owe us, is what this world needs.

Our system states, “don’t give but lay aside, the more you lay aside the more that you’ll have something in the future. Divinities system states, Give, and it will be given to you.

Forget yourself in the here and now but think for yourself in the future:

The Scripture didn’t say love your neighbors solely. But is states, “love your neighbor as yourself. It always maintains the balance of what it instructs. It instructs us to love other people, it likewise instructs us to love ourselves.

Naturally, not in the way the world teaches. The world instructs, “Love yourself the most”, while the Scripture instructs “if you love yourself, discover how to love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.”

The point is, loving other people is in reality loving yourself. Among the errors that we’re making is that we love our self a bit much which makes us forget other people. But all this ought to be interconnected.

To make it clear, loving yourself isn’t bad. What is bad is loving yourself a bit much without expanding that love to anybody else.

This isn’t supposed to end here, but it ought to be put into action. Becoming generous and especially becoming a blessing is a real stuff. It isn’t something that we may forget and not apply. It’s something that we have to make part of ourselves.

This is something to work at as a part of our discipline. By understanding and employing the essence of becoming a blessing is fulfilling our purpose.

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