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Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a process by which companies and individuals can monitor, influence and improve feedback that people leave about them on the internet. The internet has changed the way commerce works in many ways. Most importantly, it has changed the dynamic of information between customer and service provider.

Previously, the flow of information was one way; the service provider would advertise and provide information about their business, but the consumer had no equally powerful means of providing feedback. There was the old adage about a dissatisfied customer telling up to seven people, but that was about as large scale as the feedback could get, there was no large scale, trusted, platform for doing so.

The internet changed all that.

Ebay was the first company that made leaving feedback for sellers commonplace, but now it has grown to cover almost any kind of good or service that can be purchased, and crucially, researched, over the internet.

For consumer services it has grown to become an industry in its own right; for such things as financial services, home improvement providers or car sales it has become an integral part of the business model.

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