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Table of Contents

Introduction 04
Chapter 1: What Is List Building All About? 08
Chapter 2: Creating An Email Incentive 10
Chapter 3: Picking An Email Marketing Service And Setting Up A List Building Campaign 14
Chapter 4: Designing An Effective Lead Capture Page For Your Site 19
Chapter 5: Creating A Blog Post With An Embedded Sign-Up Form 25
Chapter 6: Adding An Exit Intent Pop-Up To Your Site 20
Chapter 7: Designing A Lead Gen Survey 34
Chapter 8: Collecting Emails With A Giveaway Campaign 38
Chapter 9: Adding A Lead Capture Form On Your Facebook Business Page 41
Chapter 10: Running A Lead Generation Ad On Facebook 45
Chapter 11: Collecting Emails With A Google Ads Campaign 50
Chapter 12: High-Converting Lead Magnet Ideas For Your Campaigns 54
Chapter 13: Highly Effective Lead Segmentation Tips To Increase Retention 58
Chapter 14: Exit-Intent Hacks To Reduce Abandonment And Increase Subscriptions 62
Chapter 15: Crazy List Building Strategies That Work On Social Media 66
Chapter 16: Alternative List Building Strategies You Can Try 69
Chapter 17: List Building Do’s And Don’ts 73
Chapter 18: List Building Premium Tools And Services To Consider 77
Chapter 19: List Building Success Stories 82
Chapter 20: List Building Frequently Asked Questions 87
Conclusion 90
Top Resources 91
Special Offer 92

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The future of list building is an exciting mix of automation and more dynamic email experiences. Right now there are companies developing solutions that will help you automate on-site conversations using chatbots that can walk website visitors through a series of steps that include joining email lists.

The increase in computer processing power and enhanced internet connectivity is making it possible for online marketing companies to create dynamic funnels that gamify the user experience so moving leads through a conversion funnel is fun and simple to achieve, reducing abandonment and increasing conversion rates.

So, are you ready to take your first step into this exciting journey? Yes? Then let us grab you by the hand so we can get started!

Chapter 2: Creating An Email Incentive

Hey there everyone! Welcome to lesson one of our list building training! Get ready to learn how to successfully grow your business’ contact list from scratch, step by step.

We are going to open the training by introducing you to email incentives, which are the basic starting point of a list building campaign. Then we’ll show you how to easily put one together, using tools and other stuff that you already have access to for free from your computer!

What’s An Email Incentive?

An email incentive is something that you can use to convince people to join your contact list. In other words, it is kind of a reward that you promise to a person in exchange for their email address.

More specifically, it can be anything that is of enough value to a potential lead that they would be willing to submit their email address into one of your sign-up forms so they can get it.

They’re commonly referred to as “lead magnets” precisely because they work as magnets to capture email leads.

You are already familiar with the drill: you do a search on Google to find information about a topic or product first. You find a relevant result, so you click on the URL to check the content. Once inside the content page, a pop-up appears offering you a free eBook, or promo code, or free trial, and you only have to enter your email address so you can access the offer.

Now the business or marketer running the website has your email address and it’s free to contact you with more content and offers. It all worked because you were willing to give your email address so you could get what they offered!

Email incentives are at the top of the conversion funnel, they’re designed to attract the visitor and to make them want more. As such, they’re not too elaborate, and they don’t give away a complete product or content piece.

That’s why they can be easy to create on your own, and in this lesson we are going to show you how to create an eBook that you can use as your incentive, real quick.

Creating Your Own Email Incentive

The easiest tool that you can use to create an attractive eBook is Microsoft Word, or any other similar text editor with the same basic features.

For this example we are going to use Word, so let’s start by opening a blank Word document. Next, let’s select a template to format the eBook. For this, you

simply have to click on the “insert” tab, and then on the “cover page” drop-down button.

This will show you a selection of cover page templates. We recommend you pick one that lets you to easily insert a cover image, the title of the eBook, and a brief summary. Like this one, for instance.

What we’ll do now is replace the stock elements in the cover template with our own elements. First, we’ll right-click over the image. Then we will move over “change picture”, and we will select “from file” so we can replace this image by selecting one from our computer.

Ok, now that we’ve replaced the image, let’s replace the “document title” text with the title of this eBook. Let’s now replace “document subtitle” with a nice subtitle to compliment the title above.

Alright, let’s now replace the “abstract” text with a summary of the eBook. Once you edit this, you can replace the placeholder author with the name of the author of the eBook. This could be the name of your client or a pen name. You can also leave this field empty, which we’ll do in this example.

Looking awesome so far, right? Now it is time to add the book’s content. Like we mentioned, this doesn’t have to be an expensive long-form content piece. A giveaway eBook can simply be a 1,000 to 2,000 word document that you can use as a teaser to hook the reader and encourage them to consume more of your content.

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