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Chapter 1: The Basics On Reflexology

Chapter 2: What Are The Reflexology Points And Areas

Chapter 3: Assisting The Cardiovascular System

Chapter 4: Assisting Kidney Function

Chapter 5: Help With PMS

Chapter 6: Bettering Quality Of Life For Cancer Patients

Chapter 7: Increasing Energy And Feelings Of Wellbeing

Chapter 8: Emotional Healing With Reflexology

Chapter 9: Boosting Your Immune System

Chapter 10: How To Do Self Reflexology, Find A Practitioner And Possible Side Effects

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Chapter 2: What Are The Reflexology Points And Areas


Ideally the chart on the subject on reflexology reflects the various pressure points and their corresponding parts of the different organs, glands, structures, and systems of the anatomy. These charts can also be looked upon as maps of the intricate workings of the human body.

The Areas

Though popularly accepted as a foot and hand, palm focused style of treatment; there are also instances of having the reflexology points in the ear area. Simply put, reflexology sessions strive to open up the stubble energy channels thus directing reflexology pressure points to stimulation mode.

The ear also has various pressure points which are connected to the autonomic functions of the heart and stomach. When addressed these pressure points seem to successfully invoke stronger autonomic responses in the cardiac and gastric systems when compared to the foot or palms. The ear lobes seem to contain master sensory points which affect the eyes, pineal and pituitary glands.

According to medical research there are 10 zones or meridians that are logistically located in the human body. For instance, when pressure is applied to the big toe the benefits are seen in the brain area. Likewise, when pressure is applied to the base of the foot, it treats the neck and throat ailments. Pressure on the ball of the foot puts the connection through to the lungs and heart. The foot arch when pressured affects the adrenals, kidneys, gastrointestinal track, and bladder. The middle of the foot when pressured affects the waistline, while the ankle bone affects sexual functions.

Being supposedly easy to detect these various pressure points and their connections for treatment is not reason enough to completely discontinue an ongoing medical treatment program. Even if reflexology is considered as an added complimenting factor, a doctor’s opinion should always be sought, especially if the illness is serious.

Chapter 3: Assisting The Cardiovascular System


Ideally when treating a particular illness, ailment or disease, it should not be the practice to only address the particular area affected but besides focusing on the affected area, the other parts of the body should also be looked into.

The Heart

When a reflexologist treats an individual this is the primary concern. The reflexologist not only focuses on the problem but also try to ensure all the other connecting factors are addressed too. Therefore the individual facing cardiovascular problems should expect to be treated holistically as the art of reflexology demands.

As the cardiovascular system is made up of various corresponding part, which are the heart, arteries, veins, arterioles, venules and capillaries, it should be notes that the actual heart may not be the problem area. Its purpose is to carry all the nutrients and oxygen to the various parts of the body. When these are blocked for one reason or another then reflexology is a good first address.

Using reflexology to reestablish the optimum flow and circulation in the system is a good non invasive way of treating the problem before it escalates to a more serious level.

Using reflexology the heart reflexes are addressed as this organ is the instrument that pumps the blood thought-out the body. Then the kidneys are the next in line to be addressed.

The kidneys filter the blood constantly. The diaphragm and chest are also noted by the reflexologist because these reflexes would be worked to encourage relaxation in the chest cavity and promote deeper breathing.
Lastly the spinal area is also checked. Located on the inner edges of the feet the spine reflexes would be stimulated to promote communication through the nervous system.

Sometimes reflexology can also be used in the case of an actual heart attack, though it is not recommended if there is immediate medical response available.

Chapter 4: Assisting Kidney Function


The kidneys in a human body have a vital part to play in maintaining the body at its optimum levels. This organ is responsible for eliminating all the waste and toxins from the body’s circulatory system. When there is a buildup of all these negative elements the problems like renal failure may occur. Therefore the cleansing method or condition the body should adopt to keep the negative buildups from occurring is by using reflexology.

About The Toxins

Reflexology is a safe and proven method of addressing this, before it becomes a major problem for the body system. Making reflexology a good part of the health care regiment for an individual will help avoid any serious medical issues. Vectorial reflexology methods use very precise reflex points developed from the anatomy to eliminate any possible kidney problems.

When starting a reflexology session the individual hand and feet should be easily accessible. The reflexology kidney zone is in the palm so by placing the individual’s palm in the reflexologist hands and then applies pressure downwards between the index finger and the middle finger rub in deep movements.

After doing this for both palms, the reflexologist can now move on to the feet. By rubbing the thumbs down the foot to the bottom of the arch in-between the big toe and next to the other kidney zone is addressed. This area should be rubbed vigorously. All this is done for a reasonable period of time until the pain and discomfort disappears.

In using the reflexology exercise the intention is to create the ideal circumstance to assure the flow of energy is restored to its optimum levels again. These pressures should trigger the brain to discharge the negative direct current of regeneration in to the deficient are of the body. The intention is to help clear the interstitial space of congestive debris and bring the body to a more efficient cellular level.

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