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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Faith Basics Chapter 2: Evaluate Similarities In Religions

Chapter 3: Determine How The Children Will Be Taught

Chapter 4: Look To Others Who Have Successfully Blended Faiths

Chapter 5: Be Tolerant

Chapter 6: How Using Humor Can Help

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Evaluate Similarities In Religions


Most followers of different religions tend to find some connection within the religion’s fundamentals and the morality issues, in a way that makes the two elements connect on some level of synchronicity. This would hopefully bring forth the ideal moral person who will be an asset to society and certainly a good individual to have as a partner in any relationship.

Find A Common Ground

In the interest of creating some level of harmony within a relationship where there are varied religious beliefs, both parties should be open and ready to evaluate the differences and similarities on both sides of the equation. Once this has been established clearly, they should then go about listing all the similarities found parallel to both religions so that some common ground can be clearly and successfully identified. Through the process of identifying these similarities, both parties will be able to understand and work together in incorporating these beliefs into the daily lifestyle practices. This will not only help to create a strong understanding between each other, but will also help to give each other a sense of togetherness in practicing something they both have in common. Though most of these similarities should be practiced with some level of seriousness and respect, both parties will also be able to enjoy sharing such common ground, thus making it a more enjoyable experience overall. Acknowledging these similarities will also help to bring the parties closer together as they try to understand each other’s varied beliefs.

This evaluation process is also helpful if there are intentions to expand the current unit into a family unit. Bringing children into the picture is something that can be a point of contention when it comes to religious issues. Therefore, with the common ground previously established, this transition phase can be handled with care and respect.

Chapter 3: Determine How The Children Will Be Taught


When there are different religious beliefs and practices within a relationship, complications are bound to surface. This is made even more probable with the addition of children into the equation. Therefore, in the quest to ensure conflicts are kept to a minimal, the couple should discuss how and which path or direction the children are going to be following and how they will taught this.

Decisions About The Kids

For some couples, this does not seem to take on the level of importance or priority that it should, leaving them with no clue as to how to handle the matter when it eventually surfaces. However, with careful planning and a lot of calm and focused discussions, the couple will be able to manage this particular exercise quite well. Seeking guidance on this issue would also be advisable, especially if both parties feel equally strong about their own religious beliefs and would want the children to follow their beliefs. Here, the exercise of exploring and finding common ground between the religions would be very beneficial for everyone involved. Caution should be extended at all times during the process of determining which faith the children should follow. Without caution and consideration for both party’s feelings, things can get quite out of hand and seriously affect the harmony on the relationship and eventually the children’s mindset on religion.

At the initial stage, both parents should be willing to discuss this very important matter in a mature and realistic way, as the children will eventually be greatly influenced and their general upbringing will be very much based on the fundamentals of their religious beliefs. Besides the actual participation of the parents in the teaching process, there will also be a need to discuss any added or outside religious commitments that the children might have to participate in.

Chapter 4: Look To Others Who Have Successfully Blended Faiths


The first thing to realize is the need to be extremely tolerant, patient, and understanding when it comes to dealing with different religious beliefs within the family. Mixed faith marriages will already be under a lot of pressure from outside and within the relationship itself, without having to deal with other matters such as religious beliefs. Therefore, it will be prudent to ensure some level of understanding is exercised at all times.

Seek Help When Needed

In spite of all the complications that are likely to unfold, there have been many success stories about families being able to live happy and fulfilled lives, despite the fact there is are varied religious beliefs within the family. Taking the time and energy to seek out the help and expertise of such people will be very beneficial. These good examples can be very helpful to the couple just starting out with these issues and thus learning how to deal with these from sources who have been fairly successful would be a good way to start on this rather complicated journey.

The support given by such people can also be another good reason to seek out and befriend those who have successfully blended their faiths. In most cases, these people will be more than happy to help any young family starting out by giving valuable advice and lessons or guidance that would not only be practical but certainly tried and true. This advice could take on various different facets such as how to approach the subject of religions with the children to how to get them to cooperate in practicing the various aspects of the religion chosen. As this practice would ideally be a combination of both religions, those with previous experience will be better equipped in helping to handle such issues.

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