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Sustainable Living

You recycle. You buy organic foods whenever possible and you try to combine your errands so you don’t use too much fuel. Maybe you carpool to work and occasionally buy and sell from consignment stores. Sustainability is on your radar. You want to be a responsible citizen that takes care of the planet and does what you can to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

When it comes to sustainability there is a balance. Most people want to do more to live an eco-friendly life, but they also want to make sure that it doesn’t consume all of their time, energy, and money.

For example, there’s a difference between starting a garden and converting your entire household energy to solar power. One requires a few hours a week of your time and the other may require several months of renovations and a change in energy consumption that you may not be prepared for.

So how do you know where that balance is? How do you know if you’re doing as much as you can do without dramatically changing the way you live your life?

Are You Ready to Take Sustainability to the Next Level?

Sustainability is a lifestyle. As you take steps to live a greener life, you’ll make changes to your lifestyle. Are you ready for some changes? Let’s take a look at a few questions. The answers will guide you to your next steps.

How Organized Are You?

Do you find that you often create systems to organize your life, your space, and your routine? For example, do you occasionally re-organize the pantry or create chore charts for yourself or your children? If you’re often creating systems, that means you’re fully capable of tackling a more sustainable life. You might even have what it takes to take on a larger project or lifestyle change.

Are You Ready for a Change?

Change is good. It keeps you fresh, it challenges your mindset and your mental processes. It helps you grow. Adopting a new sustainability project, habit, or system requires a willingness to change. If you feel like you’re ready for change and can get excited about it, then you’re ready to take sustainability to the next level.

Are You Looking to Feel More Fulfilled, Rewarded, and Engaged?

Living a sustainable lifestyle is rewarding. Sure, some projects are hard work but that work pays off. You’ll feel more engaged in life and in your community. You’ll also enjoy a feeling of satisfaction when you know that your new habits do have a positive impact on the world.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re ready to take sustainability to the next level. Don’t worry; you don’t have to go off the grid if you don’t want to. Over the remaining pages you’ll learn eight different ideas to add more sustainable habits and projects to your life. Choose one or all eight – it’s up to you. Let’s get stared with composting.

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