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Chapter 1:
What is the Law of Attraction

Chapter 2:
Applying The Law

Chapter 3:
What Can the Law of Attraction Do for You

Chapter 4:
When Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:
Subliminal Messaging

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 4:

When Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work


As you’ll have gotten from past sections, the law of attraction doesn’t always work in the manner that all individuals involved would prefer it to. Why is that? After all, if the law of attraction is universal, how come it only works a portion of the time?

The answer to that is discovered in the brains of the individuals who are trying to apply it. The sole thing standing between you and success is yourself; this was talked about earlier.

If the brain is backed up with so much bad energy that it can’t expel the positive vibrations which will draw in the positive energies of the cosmos, the law of attraction won’t be capable of assisting them. They must first free themselves of every last bad vibration and begin fresh.

Get Rid Of The Junk

Common Mistakes

As with all skills it requires time, effort and devotion to really master the utilization of the law of attraction in your life. There are a number of components which may stimulate the law to act in manners which you might not have anticipated, nearly all of which fall back on the user’s power to abide by the guidelines needed to discover success with this incredible new tool.

Fortunately, the errors which are attained with reference to the practice of the natural law of attraction are as general as it is, and therefore really easy to distinguish and sort out.

The trouble isn’t that the natural law Of Attraction is deficient, it’s because it’s solely one part of the puzzle. You’re one snap away from finding out how to make the natural law of attraction an unbreakable force.

Five Frequent Mistakes

1) Believing that positive believing is enough to draw in what you desire. Positive thinking happens solely on the conscious level; this is why positive thinking isn’t sufficient to put into force the law of attraction. It’s required for belief to enter the subconscious mind also.

The brain is constantly functioning on two levels, the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. The conscious mind is being given hundreds of tidbits of data at whatever given time from each of the five senses. This is an unbelievable sum of data to process, even from such a progressed instrument as the human mind. The brain would gradually become crazy if it had to address all of that data all of the time.

As an alternative, the brain acquired the conscious mind, which serves as a strain to review the data transmitted to it by the senses and keep anything that it views as significant. Anything that it doesn’t view as significant is passed off to the subconscious mind. It’s the subconscious mind which will keep this data, acting as the protector of pent-up memories until such time as those memories are wanted once more.

It’s long been held that the subconscious mind bears a direct effect on the actions and opinions of the conscious mind, but for now it’s adequate to state that if the conscious mind is trying to believe positive thoughts as the subconscious mind holds a bad energy the two will cancel one another out, and the sought after outcome won’t be accomplished.

2) Becoming impatient. The world works at its own speed; remember, all actions bears with it a balanced and opposite response. It’s crucial that the additional environmental conditions be correct in order for an outcome to happen just as it should.

This implies that the law of attraction might take years, months or even days to bring about a profitable reaction to the wants of a single person. Individuals in today’s society are pampered; they desire what they want and they require it at once. A new theory that doesn’t bring forth split second outcomes isn’t going to be welcomed with very much favor.

In addition to that, discrediting the law of attraction because it doesn’t fit your established timetables is a direct violation of the guidelines needed to see positive results intrinsically. You were simply examining the law in order to see if it will develop outcomes; if you were assured in its power to affect the wanted outcomes you’d be pleased to sit and wait, knowing that what you wish for most will come to you eventually.

3) Deciding ahead of time how and when you’ll draw in what you wish for. Allow the cosmos to work! It’s possible to become so concentrated on what you believe is going to occur that you manage to entirely overlook the event as it happens if it doesn’t happen in exactly the fashion you imaged it would.

As we stated earlier, the cosmos will decide its own time and location for all things to take place, and these events might happen through quite strange ways. By predetermining precisely how you’ll obtain the rewards which you’re looking for you’re taking away the choice from the hands of nature, which guide the ebb and stream of the energies of life, and setting yourself up for a severe fall.

By accepting the power to choose upon yourself you’re basically stating that you don’t have trust in the power of the law of attraction to effect the sought after outcomes in time; again, by arranging your own timeline for results to take place you’ll in time come to disbelieve in the law of attraction, which will cause the positive energy to go away.

4) Permitting your emotions to be guided by external evidence. In order to harvest the full benefits of the law of attraction your required to think that what you see now is an outcome of what you’ve been drawing in to this point; once again, it’s crucial that you recognize that what has happened in your life to this date and what will occur later on is decided by you.

It’s really simple to view the outcomes of your life and think, “I surely did not wish for that to take place; the law of attraction must be false because I’d never wish for something so dreadful”. What you have to recognize is that it’s not always what your conscious mind wants for that molds what your subconscious mind is sending off.

Which leads us to the fifth most frequent error.

5) Not getting rid of restricting beliefs. There are numerous occasions in which people fall under an unsuccessful cycle because they’re not able to control the ideas and attitudes of their subconscious mind. A frequent argument against the law of attraction is, “how come there’s so much agony in the world if individuals have the power to decide the outcomes of their life?” No, these individuals haven’t picked out a life of famishment and servitude; however, due to their history a lot of them don’t really think that they have any option.

This skepticism in their power to alter their conditions because “it’s the way that it’s always been” signifies that they’ll proceed to live this way. Their subconscious proceeds to cast that skepticism and bad energy out into the cosmos, attracting back negative energy which will cause them to proceed to live in this self-annihilating cycle of events.

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