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Chapter 1: Spirituality and Reality

Chapter 2: Spirituality and Affection

Chapter 3: Spirituality and Might

Chapter 4: Spirituality and Unity and Command

Chapter 5: Spirituality Bravery and Being Intelligent

Wrapping Up

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As we’re all inherently connected, we perpetually influence one another by the spiritual choices we arrive at. Therefore, our spiritual practice isn’t merely a private issue. Our personal spirituality has a collective affect.

Put These Together

A lot of serious conflicts in the world result from the decision to pass on notions that label other humans as vile, damaged, or evil. If we’re to live consciously, such notions must finally be abandoned as they’re out of alignment with reality, affection, and might. The health of the whole can’t be maintained when the parts decide to fight amongst themselves.

Your private spiritual duty is to ensure that you harbor beliefs that are lined up with the principle of unity. To the extent that you ignore this duty, you cause harm to other people by teaching separateness rather than unity.

Only if we all learn to line up ourselves with reality, affection, and might at the individual level will we be able to accomplish peace at the worldwide level.

The idea of command makes it clear that yielding command of your spiritual life to somebody else is an error. You must be the elemental expert in your life—not God; and not some guru, master, or instructor. Your spiritual practice is yours to lead. Feel free to consult with whosoever you want, but don’t forget that you’re in charge.

You can’t delegate your spiritual command to anybody else. In the end this is a quest you have to pursue for yourself. In order for your notions to be lined up with command, they have to be effective. This implies that they have to ultimately meet the following 8 measures:

1. Precise. Effective notions have to be consistent with your observations of reality. Your notions can’t contradict any facts you understand to be reliable.

2. Broad. For your notions to be effective, they must jointly address your whole field of experience. If you experience matters that lie outside your notions about reality, then your belief scheme is incomplete, and an incomplete belief system may never be totally trusted.

3. Pliant. Effective notions adapt well to fresh conditions. They provide appropriate guidance regardless of your job, income level, relationship situation, life-style, etc.

4. Honorable. It’s never effective to acquire notions that lead you to harm yourself or other people. Such thoughts are rooted in concern and ignorance. Effective notions don’t urge violence or knavery.

5. Congruous. Either your notions must be internally consistent with one another, or you have to have a clear technique of resolving incongruencies.

6. Consciously selected. You inherit your initial set of notions from your raising and social disciplining. But as a totally conscious grownup, those notions ought to be identified, examined, and then by choice changed or reintegrated. This is an in progress process that may take years, if not your whole life.

7. Pleasure-increasing and/or pain-reducing. Effective notions make you feel great, either by advancing your emotional state or as a side effect of yielding the results you want. Effective notions likewise reduce fear by bringing reality to the unknown.

8. Empowering. Your notions ought to let you experience whatever is technically possible; they ought to never mislabel the possible as impossible. Subject, naturally, to honorable and moral circumstances, your notions shouldn’t unduly restrict your abilities. If you believe something is impossible for you, then it must really be impossible, no matter your thinking. If a mental shift would change your abilities thru the placebo effect, then your notion is both disempowering and inexact.

Take a minute to put down a few of your present notions about reality. What do you trust to be real about your wellness, career, relationships, funds, spirituality, and so on?

Then check out the 8 criteria above to see how your notions measure up. If you don’t like what you see, craft better tenets to supersede the old ones.

Remember that your notions are not merely observations of reality; they likewise shape and specify your experience of reality. A lot of the thoughts you hold most sacred might reveal buried falsehoods when you take the opportunity to consider the options.


In today’s domain, it takes bravery and intelligence to think for yourself rather than blindly accepting what other people wish you to believe. It’s up to you to hold yourself to the course with a heart and soul and to follow it where it might lead, no matter how other people judge you for it. Ultimately, your spiritual practice must be vastly personal and consciously selected.

The Final 2

As you get on your unique spiritual course, you might experience periods of drawn-out confusion lasting many weeks or longer. During such times, you might feel distant and unplugged. Reality abruptly makes very little sense to you, and you grow uncertain of everything.

This dark night of the soul is a time of monolithic cognitive restructuring.

Your brain is reconsidering its prior model of reality in order to complete the jump to a fresh level of understanding. Regrettably, there are times when your old formulas are jumbled beyond repair, but fresh ones haven’t yet formed. When this occurs, it may feel exceedingly unsettling. There isn’t much you are able to do except wait it out.

Luckily, once you complete one of these jumps, you enter a period of unbelievable lucidity. It’s like your whole brain has been retuned to a fresh level of reality.

I remember going through one of these periods a couple of years ago. I was attempting to reconcile my upper-level personal spiritual course with the practical realities of executing my business. On the one hand, I was really committed to helping individuals grow. Then again, I was a successful entrepreneur running a business. But, I lacked a total spiritual doctrine that brought these 2 functions of my life together in a way that felt great to me. I was going through a battle between executing a business to yield revenue and wanting to help individuals as selflessly as possible. For a lot of weeks, I lurked in this place of inner swarthiness and doubt. Eventually, my brain was able to see a fresh underlying order that made perfect sense to me. I recognized that we’re all cells in the same body, and that the wellness of the body depends upon the health of the cells. This made it clear that if I wished to effectively serve other people, I had to make certain I was likewise meeting my needs or my career wouldn’t be sustainable.

In order for your spiritual practice to be really authentic, you can’t compartmentalize it. You can’t be a spiritual individual for an hour every weekend and then place that part of yourself on hold when you attend work on Monday morning. An intelligent spiritual practice is a holistic one. It mixes with all portions of your life, including your occupation, your funds, your wellness, and your relationships.

According to reality, affection, and might, the greatest level of spiritual accomplishment would be perfect alignment with those things, which entails perfect intelligence. The elemental ideal of any sound spiritual course is to be infinitely true, endlessly affectionate, and infinitely mighty. By extension, this likewise requires infinite unity, infinite command, and infinite bravery. The ultimate spiritual quest is to endeavor to live congruently with all of these.

As the principles of reality, affection, and might are universal, a suitable spiritual practice must be universal also. This implies that even when you’re doing your taxes, your spiritual notions must be applicable to the job at hand. If you face any spot in life where your opinions can’t be employed, then they aren’t universal, which implies they can’t be aligned with reality, affection, and might. Even if you consider something as unremarkable as mowing your lawn, you are able to use the values reality, affection, and might to help guide you. Any additional universal spiritual rules must satisfy the same standards.

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