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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
What is the Law of Attraction
Chapter 2:
Applying The Law
Chapter 3:
What Can the Law of Attraction Do for You
Chapter 4:
When Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Subliminal Messaging
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

Applying The Law

It does not do you any good to know what the law of attraction is if you don’t recognize how to apply it to accomplish success in your personal life. Once you’ve perfected the fundamentals of the law of attraction, you’ll be able to enforce it to any area in your life.

Use It

The beginning step in discovering success through the law of attraction is to take responsibility for the affairs that have taken place in your life, both good and bad.

This is oftentimes the hardest part of accomplishing success through manifestation since we’re educated from childhood to think that our surroundings contribute in a big part to the conditions in which we discover ourselves. It is very difficult to accept the responsibility and recognize the reality that your environment wasn’t the starring contributing factor in each of these issues; in numerous events you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

In order to assist yourself move past these issues take a minute and compose on a piece of paper each of the major issues in your life (once again, both good and bad). Allow a good deal of room underneath each of them. Now, take a minute to travel backward and recap these issues. Compose what you were experiencing at the time they occurred, how you felt prior to it happening and what issues had happened before this. Chances are you’re going to discover that issues happening in your favor happened occasionally while you were controlled by a positive mental attitude and other affairs in your life were going correctly. On the alternate side, issues which took place plausibly occurred at the same time as other issues in your life that made you have a negative outlook. Coincidence?

Once you’ve acknowledged the reality that you’re responsible for your own destiny it’s time to advance one step further and find out what it is about your life that you’d like to modify.

Do you wish to line up another occupation? Move to a new home? Embark on a meaningful relationship? Name the things you want to accomplish and write them down. Exhibit them in a striking place; constantly being able to see the expected outcomes of your efforts will help to hold you on the proper path. Basically, with the foundation of this list you’re asking the world for what you desire.

Think about this awhile so that it’s planted securely in your mind, and keep your goals particular; making a goal too large or general is an almost sure guarantee that you’ll not accomplish it because you’ll be overly occupied worrying about how you’re going to accomplish it.

Bring up your vibrations so that they’re all positive. Behave and feel as if you’re confident that the final outcome you’re hoping for is going to take place. This is a necessary part of the law of attraction because it’s really simple to let your mind start to drift to all of the troubles which you might come across when attempting to accomplish your goals. This will make your vibes become negative and will work against you instead of for you.

Accept that it may take place. Many times your subconscious mind is our own stumbling block; you’ll be trying to convince your conscious mind that something can occur while simultaneously your subconscious mind is selecting the reasons that it will never work. In order to assist yourself overpower this stumbling block and bear total trust in the fact that you’ll be able to effect this modification in your life you should look once more at the piece of paper upon which you’ve composed your goals and try to write them in terms that will assist your mind and body accept them as fact.

It’s suggested that you compose these statements in the third person instead of the first; it’s oftentimes hard for the mind to accept something as truth when it’s cast in such relative terms as I, me or my. For instance, if you’re attempting to discover a new line of work you may state, “Millions of individuals every year work in lines of work which make them happy.” If you’re attempting to embark on a meaningful relationship you may state, “Millions of individuals around the world have discovered their soul mate and are presently happily settled in established relationships”.

The purpose of composing these statements is to cast the negative vibrations and questions from your mind. If you’re not able to accept the result as reality, your subconscious is going to put forward a different result. It’s going to be this result that your mind and body concentrate on. Consequently, this result is going to be the one that will become your reality and you’ll walk away utterly sure that the law of attraction is absolutely untrue.

Chapter 3:

What Can the Law of Attraction Do for You

Why is real success so relatively unforced? It may be compared to the magnetic field produced by an electrical current through a wire. The greater the force of the current, the larger the magnetic field that it brings forth. And the magnetic field itself then influences everything in its presence.

The law of attraction may help to decide the path of your future, and the successes or failure, which you might come across along the way.

What Can Happen Work

Allow us for an instant to consider the possibilities of the law of attraction when utilized in your working environment. For those who are looking for a line of work it might be out of the question to discover one which accommodates them. Is this because such a line of work doesn’t exist, or is it because in their subconscious they think that they’ll not be capable of discovering a line of work and therefore are discharging so much negative energy out into the world that they’re in reality forcing these lines of work away?

Anybody who’s ever attempted to look for a line of work (or known someone who was) acknowledges that you have a drastically improved chance of discovering profitable employment when you’re already employed elsewhere than when you’re out of work. For somebody who’s lost their line of work and is presently without employment it might seem less complicated to climb Mount Everest than to acquire that first crucial interview. It appears as though job after job just is not interested in what they have to provide.

Why is this? It surely can’t be because there are no employment opportunities out there; after all, chances are they would not have applied for the line of work if the line of work hadn’t already shown its interest in enrolling new employees. Why, then, do individuals suffer from unemployment for months or even years at one time? The answer to that is they oftentimes believe they’ll not be capable of discovering a line of work, and therefore they’ve given up trying. In their subconscious they don’t sincerely think that any of their attempts will bear fruit, and so they’re casting that negative energy all around them.

Then again, a person who already has a job is secure and confident in their ability; after all, somebody has evidently thought them suitable enough to employ them (and keep them) they’re confident enough in their abilities that they think they deserve a line of work that will treat them better/compensate them more/supply more exciting work/and so forth.

It’s this quiet assurance that will lead to the outcomes of the law of attraction becoming obvious. Since they’re casting this positive energy around them, they’ll be attracting positive energy likewise, drawing in the line of work that they sincerely desire. Remember when you were listing your goals above and you had to admit the truth that they could occur?

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